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Match 1 -What happens when two of the super toughies get in the ring together? That’s what we wanted to find out when we matched up Ariel X and Max Makita, only we didn’t quite find out, because when Mighty Max was warming up sly Ariel attacked her from behind, covering her mouth and wedgieing her in the front – she takes this hold to the mat where she secures a waist scissors and choke, the sexy Asian fights valiently but to no avail. Max eventually goes out and X takes off her t-shirt so she can sensuously rub her body and crotch, and so the saga continues, Ariel destroys Max only to sexually stroke her body; leg splits, gut claw, breast smother, and a face sit where Ariel leans forward and kisses and licks her round brown ass exciting both of them. Sexy X then takes her Asian rag doll and while kissing her neck and rubbing against her excites her to a major bear hug then throws her over her back so she can squeeze that beautiful butt — one sided sensual destruction, just the way Ariel X likes it !!!!

Match 2 -WOW, sex fight, and I do mean sex, the folks over at the new Xtreme fighting site told us about how well these two work together and while they may go farther on that site, they are everything and more than we expected. Francesca Le has always been a little sex kitten but we had no idea Jessica Bangcock was so into a good sex fight, these two together are so hot it may melt your computer. They bump into each other at the gym in their tight t-shirts and short skirts, a challenge is made and they meet at the apartment to settle it. Soon they are rubbing their robust chests into each other, nipples get hard as they embrace for a long bear hug, then it’s to the floor where those short skirts pull up revealing beautiful butts, tops get pulled up so they can really rub those bountiful bosoms together. Both are getting turned on as they battle to see who is on top, they start kissing and end up tribbing (rubbing their crotches together), this leads to more breast mauling, more kissing, more tribbing – wilder and wilder they tongue each other as they roll on the floor – WILDER AND WILDER, wow what a sex fight !!!!!!!

Match 3 -One dominant dame, that’s Karlie Montana and in collar and leash she brings in her slave; Prinzzess – she offers to free her slave, all Prinzzess has to do is fight her and make Karlie beg, but if she begs, then real pain awaits. Before the blonde can even take off her heels Karlie has her in a corner pounding on her face, then grabs her by the nipples and leads her around the ring, this is just the beginning of an onslaught of pain – most of it delivered down below, with kicks and punches she savagely goes after Prinzzess’s tender spot. Oh how sadistic, she secures her to the ropes then stokes her taking the beautiful blonde right to the edge of orgasm, only to subvert it in a most painful way. Will freedom be achieved or will all these low blows be too much?!?!?


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