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Match 1Mina Meow is back and looking for trouble, she finds it in the form of Goldie Blair. Mina says Goldie is nothing and those big breasts will just get in her way, allowing Mina to destroy her, Goldie already has her top off as she is proud of her large breasts and she takes offense at this little brunette’s harsh words. Big red meanders over to Mina and before the bell can ring Goldie is up on the ropes hovering over her slim victim with those massive breasts in her face, smothering her for the first of many submissions. Yes this is a multi fall match and because of what this little upstart said in the beginning Goldie decides each sub will be a smother with her huge breasts; arms pinned over head and breasts secured around her petit head, on the ropes again as she hovers her breast flesh over her face, cross body pin as one enormous breast covers Mina’s pretty face – more variations, ending with a sustained breathless chest cover. And all this time Goldie is rubbing it in with endless trash talking over Mina’s moans and groans of breathless displeasure. It’s breast destruction at its breast !!!!!

Match 2 -Breast to breast, four of the best are smashed together, Kianna Dior and Ariella Ferrera are about to see who has the strongest chest flesh. They start out with a big bear hug that turns into some chest smashing, then they throw their large bosoms into each other as from side to side they turn hard throwing those large flesh bombs into each other. Then it’s to the mat as they struggle to get into positions of destruction, where they can attack their foe’s mammaries with slugs, squeezes, bites and nipple twists. And of course we get some fabulous breast smothers as each lady takes her turn dropping her huge tit on the others face. A classic long kneeling bear hug gives us some great breast compressing views, they even stomp on their chests and run that soft bouncy flesh across the ropes – they are just getting started! So if you like big titties, or beautiful women attacking big boobies, then you will love this one – because these are two wild women and four of biggest baddest breasts in the west !!!!!

Match 3 -That first test of strength, with a rear view of Capri Cavanni, her firm butt jiggles slightly and her leg muscles flex, that’s all I need, but then we see JC Marie on the other side of those clasped hands, with her firm lean figure and we know we are in for a treat. Yes, these two could just sit there and it would be a joy to watch, but we are privileged with them bouncing around on each other. From this fabulous test of strength to great body scissors and lots of breast grabbing and gouging, lots of slugs to face and gut as they each take turns getting their foe trapped on the couch, but oh the best moves are when they go butt to butt – they do this in many varied positions, causing those pert round behinds to smash and squish in all kinds of delightful positions as they slap and claw those fabulous rear ends. It’s a cat fight supreme as these beautiful ladies roll all over each other smashing butts, breasts and bodies – Capri vs JC, what more needs to be said ?!?!?!?!


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