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Match 1Ashley Grace and Danielle Trixie are getting down and dirty for this sexy catfight. This blonde and brunette rip each other’s tops off early and proceed to inflict massive amounts of cruel pain for the rest of the match. Expect some really dirty moves. Wedgies, breast smothering, face sits, breast and crotch mauling, and hair pulling are standard practice for these foul young girls. Watching these beautiful young women do such dirty stuff is a real treat. So if your hoping to see some gorgeous young girls get laid out in a very brutal manner, than this is the video for you.

Match 2 -This match starts with JC Marie stretching in the ring and talking to the cameraman about how excited she is to beat up Randy Moore. JC seems to get turned on at the very thought of beating up such a hot girl. The only problem is that Randy is late. Eventually Randy shows up, but now she is talking on her phone and being quite rude to JC. An angry JC drags the disrespectful Randy into the ring, stretches her over the ropes, and proceeds to punish the young girl’s perfectly tight stomach. The beautiful abdominals of these two blondes are the star of this match. The girls are pulled and stretched in every way imaginable in order to highlight JC and Randy’s flawless stomachs.

Match 3Capri Cavalli is facing the infamous Hollywood in a catfight for the ages. Both of these brunettes are smokin’ hot so no matter what you will enjoy watching this match. Capri is a young and fierce fighter. However, Hollywood is one of the greatest champions in DT history and she is not going to let some pretty young thing like Capri get an easy win. Hollywood uses her extensive knowledge of complicated and devastating holds to gain an upper hand on the tenacious Capri. Expect to see lots of fun and seldom seen holds as we find out whether youth and spunk wins out over experience.


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