Match 1Tanya Tate, the cos-play queen, is a rookie to DT. During her entrance interview a couple of female fighting veterans walk by. They immediately want to test out the newbie. Tanya naively and quickly accepts Tylene Buck and JC Marie’s offer to train together. Tylene and JC make easy work out of Tanya. They strip her top off, bludgeon her, and embarrass her. Tanya is forced to worship the feet of her victors. She licks, sucks, and makes mouth love to every toe and foot crevice JC and Tylene give her. This match is sure to have enough blondes and foot worshiping to last you a couple days. JC and Tylene are in skin tight super sexy outfits and even get topless just to have more fun with Tanya. Poor Sexy Tanya gets destroyed in every way, her beautiful butt and her plump breasts all get worked over and Tylene and JC enjoy it so. Will we ever get three hotter blondes in the ring together? Tanya is so sexy we will certainly be seeing a lot more of her, this is a fun one !!!!!!

Match 2 -This video comes from our eastern European collection. Gina, Amirah, and Minnie are from Budapest. They are dark haired nubiles with lean and perky bodies. This 2 on 1 torture match is hotter than most because of the sexy accents the heels use to taunt their victim. After all of the brutal stretches and remorseless beatings the nearly unconscious loser is carefully kissed and teased until she is in the mood. A firm hand is then laid upon her moaning mouth. The fear comes back almost instantaneously. The prey’s eyes go wide; her body starts to twitch. I am sure you can figure out where the match goes from here.

Match 3Kianna Dior and Goldie Blair are meeting up for a trip to Disney Land. However, when Kianna shows up, Goldie is astounded to see a skirt so short that Kianna’s tan Asian ass is almost entirely visible. Kianna takes offense to Goldie’s rude comments. After all, Goldie is wearing a very low cut top showing some substantial cleavage. The argument leads to pushing, which leads to an all out war. They struggle to the couch. Kianna mounts Goldie. That round Asian ass is on full display as Kianna’s skirt has now been worked up to her tummy. The curvaceous couple bounce and giggle as they pinch one another’s sizeable baby feeders. Sit back and relax as you watch a friendship disintegrate.


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