Minnie Manga vs. Akira May

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Domination Match

DT 1429-02 / Time: 26 Minutes / Size: 589 MB


Euro babes, they are so hot: Minnie Manga and Akira May, two slammin’ hot bodies – you know Minnie, big strong and loves to control but this Akira is so cute, when she walks out and we get a glimpse at those sculptured legs and firm ass well she makes an impression. Now Akira wants Minnie to teach her and oh is she in for an education, Minnie smiles with that devious smile and grabs this shy lass in a choke and pulls her top off, then takes her down into a leg choke so she can rub that beautiful body, tit and pussy get lots of attention. Trust me you are going to love the way sexy Minnie woman-handles her gorgeous doll and puts her in so many sexy stretched contortions; head lock with Akira bent back, on her haunches bent back and my favorite over a stool Akira is draped and her body sucked, scratched and stroked. But the best is the last one when sweet Akira is hung from the ceiling where super sexy Minnie is able to go to town on this young body. From breast to pussy she stokes and eventually goes inside that string bottom to educate this newbie to the full extent – yes education to the extreme. And to make it even more EXTREME we have this great match for $19.95 because we want you to love our Euro girls as much as we do !!!!!!