Erika Jordan vs. Christina Carter

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Boxing Match

DT 1432-01 / Time: 21 Minutes / Size: 485 MB


Boxing has become so popular and it’s no wonder when we get super bouts like this one between Christina Carter and Erika Jordan, yes Christina is larger and stronger but Erika is much quicker and both are accomplished boxers so the fight turns out to be quite equal. Both beauties are topless with minimal bottoms which is nice because so many times they are knocked on those sweet asses and we are treated to butts in the air, like the time one get’s knocked almost out of the ring and she just lies over the bottom rope, butt to the sky. Heavy hitting by both babes, both to the gut and face – both of these babes can give and take with the best of them so we are treated to another great boxing bout. Seeing beautiful topless women slugging as their whole bodies shake with each blow wether they are hitting or getting hit, it’s no wonder it has become some of our most popular events — so get ready to be wowed again !!!!!!