Idelsy Love vs. Skylar Rene

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight Match

DT 1435-03 / Time: 32 Minutes / Size: 756 MB


Idelsy Love has scheduled a massage with Skylar Rene. Idelsy is obviously very tense. Skylar asks Idelsy to lie down. Skylar begins massaging Idelsy’s feet. Idelsy immediately starts to tell Skylar why she is so tense. She explains that recently she had a wrestling match with a much larger woman. The larger woman dominated and punished Idelsy. As Idelsy goes on and on about how horrible the experience was, Skylar is obviously being turned on by the story. Idelsy goes into every minute detail, leaving Skylar panting and sensually rubbing Idelsy’s feet. The conversation takes up a large portion of this video. Close to half of the video consists of this discussion. Eventually, Skylar convinces Idelsy to show her exactly what was done to her. Idelsy is nervous as Skylar puts her in a reverse bear hug. The moment Skylar has her hands clasped, she grins and begins to squeeze. Idelsy is now very scared. Skylar releases and throws Idelsy onto her shoulders and into an airplane spin. Idelsy yelps, “no!” as she realizes she is reliving her most traumatic experience. Skylar removes both of their clothes until they are topless. If you want to see the sexiest PTSD episode ever, then you must watch this video.