Match 1Goldie Blair and Serena Blair, that’s right both with the same last name but by not means related, in fact this fight is to see who gets to keep the name. Goldie wins the coin flip which means she gets to tie Serena’s hands behind her back and strip her naked. Soon poor Serena is in only her birthday suit and getting the hell beat out of her, Goldie soon has her face down pulling hard on her tied arms, then on to her back so she can pull her legs up and spank Serena’s cute nude ass, now to a face sit where she can really destroy that vulnerable gut and breasts – this is only the beginning as Goldie has so many amazing holds in store for poor Serena, from grapevine smothers to corner destruction she goes after that gorgeous little body until … what’s this Serena is free but even if her hands are free is petit Serena any match for mean Goldie? The Blair name is at stake and there is only room for one Blair !!!!!!

Match 2 -Slim and super sexy, that describes both Prinzzess and Star 9 and they are destined to have a super sexy battle. Star finds Prinzzess at her friends house and learns this blonde has been sleeping with her friends boyfriend, yelling ensues followed by one hell of a fight. Sexy dresses are worn by both ladies, and Prinzzess soon finds hers pulled up over her beautiful ass as she is bent over the couch, down come those bottoms as Star wildly spanks that tan ass telling Prinzzess how she is going to fuck her. Both are soon on the floor where all the clothes are ripped off and each takes a turn at destruction and always they go for their vulnerable pussys. Lots of great face-sitting, camel clutches and leg scissors and add some masturbation while in that face-sit, then some body writing and of course stuffing the panties in the mouth as we are treated to one hell of a fabulous sex fight !!!!

Match 3Liz Ashley and Idelsy Love, the ultimate blonde and brunette babes, both decked out is striking black lingerie and heels. They come together with some acid insults as both ladies are trying to get the cover of a calendar, a killer front wedgie has one lass screaming in pain, the fight is on. Many super wedgies both front and back, their luscious pussies are almost split in two and when the butts get split, well both their beautiful asses get showcased as they are pulled into sexy positions. Soon both bras are off and it’s breast attack time, nipples and full handfuls of breast flesh – destruction at it’s most extreme. We almost hate to see these sexy outfits taken off but off they come and it’s not so bad to see the naked bodies going at it, ok, it’s really great. Nude they grab the crotches and continue to destroy breasts with slapping and gouging. A truly fabulous cat fight with the ultimate contrast, a super blonde and brunette !!!!!


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