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Match 1 -So you need a Capri Cavanni fix, well here it is and this is a fabulous one, see this gorgeous babe in all her damsel in distress naked beauty. And who better to enjoy the destruction than another gorgeous blonde, Nikki Lee Young. Nikki just loves this destruction, watch as Capri tries to crawl away but is stripped from her tight jeans, so sexy as those jeans slowly slide down her beautiful ass giving us that fabulous view, and this is just the beginning as Nikki now strips her out of her lacy one piece. Nude destruction follows, the breasts get smashed together, the nipples get pinched and that poor pussy gets clawed and stepped on. Now what’s this, another outfit… that’s right Capri is now in a sexy school girl outfit with stocking and lingerie – and you guessed it, she gets striped and destroyed. But Nikki is not done, no, Capri is forced into another outfit and stripped all over again – that’s right three great outfits for this super sexy lady and stripped and destroyed in all of them – if this isn’t enough she gets water dumped on her just to add some insult to all this injury… You need a Capri fix – this is the one for you !!!!!

Match 2 -So have you seen Abigail Mac yet, no, well this is a good one to take a look at this amazing beauty, yes, Ms. Mac is destined to become one of DT’s top ladies, and seeing her in lingerie is a special treat. And those stocking with a garter belt are just an added bonus, and speaking of bonus we get Idelsy Love also in the same outfit and ready to rock with with Abigail. Two super hot babes that soon have those tops off and are attacking some of the best boobs in the business and then they attack the butts with some savage wedgies that divide those round cheeks, then roll them over and wedgie that poor pussy, lips are splayed as that cloth is pulled deep into those pussies. Finally Idelsy even gets Abigail’s bikini bottoms off so she can really attack that vulnerable crotch, and she just can’t leave without a long tortuous nipple twisting session. Two gorgeous babes in lingerie and getting wild on each other, you will love it !!!!

Match 3 -The opening shot of Brandy stretching nude is enough for me to love this video, that long lean muscular body stretching for the ceiling is a work of art, so when Henessy enters nude with her amazing natural bouncy breasts, well, it’s a bonus and we also know we’re in for one fun fight. They get right to it as Henessy puts a great leg spreader on those long legs of Brandy, pushing so hard as she tries to split our lean beauty in two, and then she gets the lean battler in a killer arm bar, Henessy leans forward then slams back to the ground pulling that poor arm to the breaking point and oh do those bountiful breasts bounce with each pull down. Of course Brandy isn’t considered one of the toughest grapples around for no reason as she gets her turn at some excruciating holds; an ab stretch and a camel clutch that is beyond beauty as it causes Hennessy’s amazing breasts to protrude and shake as we are treated to one of the best ever. Full nelsons, leg scissors, surf boards, figure four leg locks, Boston crabs, Indian death lock and all applied with bad intentions! Gorgeous nude wrestlers showing off some fabulous holds with their fabulous bodies… it doesn’t get any better !!!!!


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