Match 1 -Biker babes battle, two rival gangs put forth their best fighters to see who has the dominate pack, Lyra Louvel represents the She Demons and she is know as the Punisher, she has on her biker boots, sexy short shorts, black web nylons and black bra. Next in is Skylar Rene representing the Devil Dolls and she is known as the She Devil, she is wearing heels, sexy bikini and black stockings to her thighs. They both strut their stuff and soon face off and oh boy do these biker babes talk some harsh trash. And they really back that trash talking up with some savage fighting, lots of killer shots to both face and gut, blows are traded as these hard hitting bikers are smashed from one end of the ring to the other, then to the mat where Skylar wraps her muscular legs around that pretty blonde head, but watch out because soon Lyra has her legs wrapped around Skylar’s sweet face and she pulls her top off so she can go after those pert nipples. This is a real back and forth match as both biker babes are savage fighters, both are topless now and using their long limbs to destroy in so many ways – especially with some amazing kicks that have their heads snapping back with a vengeance. Corner action, slugs, kicks, chokes and great leg work – two of the sexiest biker babes battle till one is forced lick the others heel and more !!!

Match 2 -AMAZON FIGHT, that’s right another great Amazon weapons battle. Abigail Mac and Christie Stevens are in their string bikini bottoms and no tops as they introduce themselves. They are trying out for parts in an Amazon warrior movie and this is their audition tape, they have to show how ferocious they are as fighters and how good their acting is on the death scenes. They square off and each gets the others wrists as they struggle to keep the weapon from being thrust into them, they hold each others wrists in a kind of lock up, their sexy figures struggle to give that final thrust, back and forth till finally up against the wall and little by little the blade comes closer then finally into the soft breast it sinks, then another into the belly. She writhes as her sexy body slinks to the floor and finally she moves no more. Back at it again as over and over these two amazing beauties struggle, each strives harder and harder to out do the other as they both want the part, face to face then breast to breast then another struggle to see who gives that fatal thrust – deep and hard into either breast or belly and usually both, then the anguish of the demise as the sexy brown body of Abby writhes, then the sensuous white body of Christie arches and stretches as she feels the pain of the plunge. Closer and closer comes the weapon, to their knees, to the ground, against the wall… so sexy watching these voluptuous bodies strain then writhe and arch – sexiest of Amazon fights!!!

Match 3 -Nothing like a good fun fight and that’s just what we have here, Serena Blair is working out her ripped gut with the big exercise ball when Emily Austin comes into the ring and starts making fun of her, then has the audacity to slug her in her very vulnerable gut. Serena is nobody to piss off and Emily soon finds this out as the petit one chases her down to get revenge. Emily tries to use the ball as her defense but Serena takes the big ball and uses it as a weapon to ram into the gut of the cute blonde, then bounce on it as it smashes into the now distraught Emily. Serena even throws in some body slams and breast smothers. A little face sitting and scissors add to the destruction but my favorite is when she takes Emily’s blonde pony tail and drags her across the ring where she proceeds to ram her face into the squishy ball for an amazing face smother while we are pleasured with the view of Emily’s cute ass in her smallest of string bottoms. Yes over both her front and back Serena smashes that ball, all across her sexy body, then from butt to breasts Serena destroys the blonde Texan. There was so much devastation I don’t know if Emily will ever get in the ring again but for sure she will never hit Serena in the gut again!!!


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