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Match 1 -Charlie Mancini and Sarah Brook are wearing sling shot thongs, thigh high stockings, and high heel shoes. They have flawless bodies with big tits and round asses. As beautiful as these girls are, their mouths are foul. They launch insults with each nipple twist and wedgie. “Dumpster crotch” and “fish market” seem to be their favorite nicknames. However, the vicious attacks upon each girl’s private parts will leave a more permanent injury than any words could. Each fighter will end up stripped down to nothing but their thigh high stockings, leaving their precious pink flowers to be mauled by their opponent. I’m not sure any male fighters could manage the extreme pain dealt out in this cat fight. So sit back and enjoy a buffet of agony as Charlie and Sarah rip each other apart for your entertainment.

Match 2 -Erika Jordan is upset that Francesca Le has been stealing her style. Both girls are wearing tank tops and itsy bitsy skirts. In a fit of rage the women attack each other’s outfits like rabid weasels. With sharp nails they claw and tear away the tank tops, skirts, bras, panty hose, and panties. Erika and Francesca become so enthralled in their violence that they begin to lose themselves. They revert to animalistic behavior. They bite, scratch, and grunt to convey emotions. Sensitive and soft nipple flesh is bit and torn by each girl’s sharp canines. The warm and spongy tissue of their crotches becomes gnarled and raw from the constant gauging and lacerations. This video shows how two goddesses can be brought back to the most primal of states via the art form of female wrestling. If you are looking for a wild match, this is it.

Match 3 -Wet, wild and wonderful, we all love these wet dresses then nude matches where the girls start out in long sexy dresses then fight to strip off the dresses but not before they soak each other, making sure those dresses cling to their super sexy figures – and when it’s Abigail Mac and Prinzzess, well there is no doubt about the sexy bodies. Not just once but three times they go at it with different dresses and each time they have a wild fight to strip the wet dresses from their wet bodies, so sexy watching them pull and tug the soaked cloth over their perfect tits, then down over their wet butts, and once naked the fight continues because they have to go till one makes the other orgasm, Prinzzess gets the first orgasm with some sensual tribbing against the ropes. Next set of tight dresses and more buckets of water, a strip fight and one of the best positions we have ever seen: Prinzzess has Abby by the neck and pulls her over all the way as she sits behind her but Abby is able to punch her through her legs, what a site but not quite as good as Abby using her butt to make the blonde orgasm. And there is still one more set of outfits, yes another wild strip fight, lots more water and of course another orgasm. So much fabulous fighting, with and without clothes, so many great holds on wet naked women – everything is here, and yes we should charge more for all this but what the hell – enjoy !!!!!


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