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Match 1 -Oh Christie, you are so cute, this busty little blonde is just the cutest – so when she found out Ariel wanted to fight her she was so excited and of course she said yes even though she knew nothing about Ariel. Anxiously Christie Stevens waits for Ariel X and when Ariel finally arrives Christie attacks her from behind… big mistake, not only does she not hurt Ariel but she makes her angry. An angry X is something to behold, the blonde is slammed into the corner and administered smashing chest blows, hard face slap, killer clothes line and up to an over the shoulder back breaker. Yes, this is just the beginning to an onslaught of annihilation. This topless beauty is treated to a battery of savage holds, hits, and carries – joy for Ariel and pain for Christie, that beautiful head jammed into the canvas with pile drives and and a few other fabulous jams. If it’s destruction and beauty you want – this is the one !!!!!

Match 2 -So what happens when two big tough girls get in the ring together, we’re about to find out as Ariel X and Max Mikita square off. Which one will gain control because when one of these two gets control the fight is usually over… and so it is in this case. Yes, it’s the X factor, Ariel takes Max down with a head lock and then secures a grapevine followed by a suffocating choke then leg lock choke. All so fast poor Max has no chance, before she knows what happened she is being destroyed, hold after killer hold till she is just a play toy, a rag doll. But this it Ariel X and she isn’t satisfied with just destruction, no she wants the famous Max to remember this beating, so she does what Max hates the most… she turns her on, that’s right when she gets her in many of these holds she strokes her crotch until the Asian beauty is feeling pleasure with her pain. Over and over she finds ways to mix the sexual pleasure with the devastating agony. This is Max like you have never see her, it’s pain and pleasure all wrapped up into one fabulous X box !!!!!

Match 3 -Big busty babes, you love em and we got em; Angela Sommers and Christina Carter are talking the shit. In black nylons and black lingerie Angela is in the dressing room letting us know how she feels, Christina in her baby blue lingerie is having a photo shoot as Angela enters and these two are like two missiles aimed at each other and all it takes to trigger this explosion is a bit of trash talking – they want to fight right away and Angela puts her belt on the line. Off go the heels and on come the attitudes, it’s a back and forth battle with great hits, kicks, holds and a bit of blood. Angela wants a no rules battle, first girl with two consecutive falls by pin or submission wins, the bras wear off as the fight wears on, bountiful breasts are available for destruction. Face sits, arm bars, and neck scissors have one of these big girls kissing the other girls ass… you want em, we got em – big busty babes !!!!!


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