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Match 1 -Two of the hardest bodies to ever step through the ropes, Ariel X and Skylar Rene and if you haven’t seen Skylar yet you are in for a real treat, this lady is one amazing athlete; big beautiful brunette. Ariel is rolling her gorgeous body over a large work out ball when the muscular Skylar surprises her by wrapping her large muscular legs around Ariel’s neck stretching her even further over the ball. Then she rips off her top, puts her in a head scissors and pounds on her ripped abs, but when X comes back she is wild with anger and stretches Skylar over the ropes, rips off her top and smashes her incredible six pack. So it begins, two amazing bodies bent on stretching each other to the extreme then pounding the gut, so many incredible positions; over the ball, over the ropes, over the knee and over the canvas… and always with killer gut bombs. Oh and they even go for some crotch grabs and rubbing just to add a little sex to their wild destruction – magnificent bodies stretched and pounded – this is one you won’t soon forget !!!!!!

Match 2Tylene Buck and J.C. Marie are two of the most perfectly buxom blondes to ever step foot into the DT wrestling ring. They are sporting some tiny bikinis. However, the tops don’t stay on for long, letting their big round melons see the light. J.C. and Tylene love their toys. Big chains are brought out and each girl uses them to tie up and choke one another. This allows for some great torture and teasing. While Tylene is chained in the corner J.C. gets out the water guns. Tylene gets a nice full body squirting as she squeals and writhes. If you’re a fan of J.C., and who isn’t, then you will love seeing her get hog-tied with chains and having her crotch squirted with water over and over again. Sounds like fun right? You have no idea until you see it!

Match 3Melissa Jacobs is a gorgeous tattooed ginger queen. She stands in her corner spraying herself with a water bottle to get that moist look. She is wearing nothing but panty hose. Across from her is a bangin’ blonde named Danielle Trixie. The jealous Danielle comes after Melissa and steals her spray bottle. The wrestling match continues in a girly wet catfight. It is a fun and playful match until Danielle rips Melissa’s panty hose. Once you put a run in Melissa’s panty hose it’s all out war.


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