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Match 1 -The beautiful Ivy Sherwood is on the phone hearing about her upcoming match, she is so excited, pins only and she is ready to go, bouncing with joy this topless babe has those luscious breasts slapping across her chest. We next are in the ring mid fight as Ariel X has her draped over her shoulders in mid destruction. We hear a voice telling her she needs to step it up, show more destruction as another says Ivy has had enough and wants the match to stop. Ariel likes the thought of getting more money for more destruction so she turns up the heat; a camel clutch that yanks that beautiful face to the sky, then she drapes Ivy over her shins and lifts causing that fabulous ebony body to stretch to it’s limit. Soon X has her neck on the ropes as she slams into her with her leg causing the young one to choke. Next it’s total corner destruction with fists, legs, and elbows and so many more extreme holds, like one of the most extreme ab stretches ever and more lifts and of course the dreaded pile-driver. Yes, Ariel is going to get all that money but at the expense of this poor little newbie beauty. This one takes it to the limit, and what a great looking victim Ivy is, so gorgeous in defeat as Ariel is in victory – to the limit baby !!!!!

Match 2Erika Jordan is anxious for her fight with Angela Sommers, in her skimpy shorts and tank top she stretches as she tells how she will beat up this blonde bimbo. But the beautiful Angela also believes she is the better fighter, the brunette that takes control as she throws Angela into the corner and proceeds to pound her, gut and head are attacked with both fists and kicks and after all this destruction she surprises her with a long hard kiss, then back to the battering. They square off in the center both dishing out head shots, each smashes her fist into the gorgeous face of her foe till one girl finally wins the fist round but this is just one of many hard fought rounds. They sprinkle in some holds but this match is mostly fists and kicks to both gut and head with each giving and getting. Finally we have a winner and oh does she have a nice victory prize as the loser has to give the winner an oil massage, stripped naked one beauty gets her whole body rubbed, the loser is now topless making this an oh so sensual ending – hard fighting with a sexy sensual ending – how wonderful !!!!

Match 3JC Marie and Cherie Deville, two stunning blondes and lucky for us they are meeting on a hot day as they decide to cool off by pouring water over their curvaceous bodies, lucky are those drips that flow over their luscious breasts and even luckier are the the drops that fall down those beautiful bountiful butts. They take their time allowing the water to slowly flow over every inch of their incredible frames…. fight, what fight – oh yes we do eventually have a fight and it is a fun one as these ladies in their colorful bikinis go after butts and breasts with some fun holds thrown in. Maul those tits and bite those nipples, grab and wedgie those butts with some chokes, breast smothers and crotch destruction thrown in. Topless those perky wet nipples protrude making them a delectable target as each blonde takes her turn giving and getting destruction. Wet stunning blondes, what a wonderful day it can be !!!!!


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