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Match 1 -We just don’t see these two sexy creatures enough; Kobe Lee and Paris Kennedy are ready for one of those famous lady like cat fights, the only lady like part of this cat fight is the way they’re dressed; short skirts, white blouses, nylons and high heels. So much fun watching these two get wild on each other, wild on the hair and wild on the breasts, yes that red and black hair gets pulled hard and those luscious tits are put to the real test as they are squished, kneaded and just overall destroyed. Oh and how nice watching those short skirts ride up those nylon clad asses. Roll, roll, roll these beauties roll and destroy and when Paris pins Kobe down and wipes her wet tongue across Kobe’s pert nipple then sucks causing it to stand at attention, then gouges that natural breast flesh, well it’s a thing of beauty !!!!!!

Match 2 Erika Jordan and Samantha Ryan are some very protective mommies. Their daughters got into a fight at school, which lead to a confrontation between Erika and Samantha. Instead of being mature about the situation and trying to come to a peaceful agreement, the matriarchs begin to sling insults. Blouses are ripped open, boobs are mauled, and pretty, brown, pantyhosed legs are wrapped and squeezed together in the maternal fall out. If you want to see two women fighting their hearts out, then you need to put their children on the line. That is exactly why this cat fight has more invective language, harder breast grabs, and more vigorous panty hose rubbing than perhaps any other video in the DT catalogue.

Match 3 Idelsy Love and Miko Sinz are discussing who has the softer panty hose. Idelsy is sure that her panty hose are the softest, but Miko asserts that Idelsy’s hose is the texture of “sand paper.” Hurt feelings lead to verbal attacks, which invariably leads to physical attacks. The ladies must see for themselves who has the softest panty hose. They grip, rub, and tangle their legs and hips togethers. Both girls are wearing white button-down shirts, tight black skirts, black bras, brown pantyhose, and black high heels. These exotic ladies are even hotter in their professional attire. Don’t worry, because Miko and Idelsy get very unprofessional very quickly. They scissor their crotches together with such savagery that you will be able to feel the heat coming off of your screen.


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