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Match 1 -Let’s do some wrestling, but first we we need to have a breast battle, see who can knock the other one across the ring with her breasts; Danielle Trixie chest batters Jamie Lynn till one of them is on the ropes and a loser. Time for the match, it’s a multi fall battle with Jamie getting the upper hand, she has the blonde on the mat in a scissors where she beats her butt, through out the match both ladies rub, gouge and beat their foes butts and the same treatment is given to the breasts in this match, yes be it in the corner or on the mat the breasts are worked over, guts also get a pounding in the corner. After all this destruction each lady takes her turn at a cross body pin until one of these beauties racks up enough wins to be queen of the ring. Breasts and butts battered by beauties, oh yeah !!!!!

Match 2 -She’s new and she’s oh so hot; Angela Sommers is one striking blonde so how can we offer her up to Frankie Zapatelli, we need to apologize to her for this kind of treatment, she had no idea what going in a ring with an an angry Frankie would be like. We want her to know that not all girls can body slam her so hard her tits quiver, being topless her beautiful breasts are constantly jarred by Frankie’s abusive treatment, the gorgeous brunette just loves beating up striking model types and Angela does so look like a model, from her thick curls to her voluptuous figure and dazzling face. The beating she receives from the wild Frankie is complete, each hold is applied with bad intentions catching the newbie by surprise, she wants no part of this but Frankie isn’t letting her go till she gets out all her anger. So Angela, we are sorry and promise you other matches will not be as destructive as this one sided beat down – so new, so hot and so destroyed !!!!!

Match 3 -Ready for another beat down, oh yeah – this time it’s Tylene Buck on the massacre end as Prinzzess dishes out the havoc. The two topless beauties roam the mat as the stunning Tylene tells the divine Prinzzess she doesn’t even belong in the ring with her, so it really catches her by surprise when the sleek beauty side-steps her lunge and puts on a killer camel clutch that she won’t let go till the busty one pleads her surrender. This is just the beginning as before Tylene can get over her pain Prinzzess pus on a severe Boston crab and pulls it higher and higher till again Tylene is begging. Then comes my favorite a figure four head scissors that she takes to an extreme as she sits up with the scissor in the most extreme position and you can tell how much Prinzzess loves providing the pain as her nipples get harder and harder till again Tylene is forced to surrender. On and on it goes with stretches and breast ravaging everything till we have a begging, beaten, buxom blonde beauty – oh yeah !!!!!


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