Match 1 -Francesca Le and Stacy Burke are both dating the same man. The only problem is that they don’t know that. Both women show up at his home in an attempt to surprise him. They end up surprising each other wearing nothing but their birthday suits. The jealousy and surprise is a potent cocktail that leaves both women violently intoxicated and I’m assuming some painful hangovers. The nude fighters seem intent on making each other useless to their absent boyfriend by attacking one another’s crotch. Eventually, this fun fight makes its way to the hot tub. The ladies alternately choke and then hump each other until they wind up scissoring one another in their sweetheart’s bed.

Match 2 -Here come those Tigers again, Melissa Jacobs is in one tiger gang and Prinzzess is in another so they must fight and fight they do. Another wild sex fight where each girl takes her turn at dominating, each lady tries desperately to rip the tiger bikini off her foe but it’s not easy as each wants to keep her gang colors on, finally after a valiant struggle Melissa loses her top and sometime later also her bottom. The blonde is in control and she does love it so, camel clutch, bow and arrow, Boston crab, all used to destroy poor Mel. But when she goes after Red’s pussy and humps her ass, well that’s just too much and Melissa strikes back, she strips the tiger stripes off the tan blonde’s fabulous body and begins her own torture of both pussy and breasts and of course mixing in some killer holds. Back comes the blonde, then the red head, oh Prinzzess so loves riding Mel’s beautiful ass, it seems that which ever girl ends up winning she will disgrace the loser by not only making her wear her colors but doing some doggy style on her ass. Both girls strive hard for control with this savage fight between two gorgeous ladies but only one gang can prevail !!!!

Match 3 -Brandy, so popular has this Euro girl become, her tough attitude and natural beauty has captured so many but Minnie is also winning the hearts of many, with her sleek natural figure and fun attitude she has also become a favorite, so getting these two together is guaranteed fun. A naked Brandy is warming up in the ring as she awaits a match with the champion, in strolls a naked Minnie who informs the rough one that she is the champion and that Brandy has to fight her. Brandy gladly accepts as she is willing to fight anyone, anytime, but to her surprise Minnie is fast and strikes first with a great body scissors that puts Brandy on the defensive allowing our sleek beauty to secure and arm bar and an ab stretch. Finally she goes for a figure four, looks like it’s all over for our tough beauty, but she guts it out just long enough to turn the tables and now she gets to do the torturing with all the destructive holds she can think of, my favorite is when she puts Minnie in a kneeling surf board, as she pushes then kicks poor Minnie’s back her pony tail whips from side to side with each strain, her head falling back as the stretch is too much. The leg spreader and the grapevine show off both their natural beauty, and they have so much natural beauty – we love our Euro warriors !!!!!


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