Match 1Christina Carter and Celeste Star are police officers who are looking to arrest a group of notorious female criminals. That group consists of Karlie Montana, Nikki Lee, Idelsy Love, and Melissa Jacobs. As Christina and Celeste infiltrate the criminal hideout, they are jumped by the violent female thugs. Karlie and the gang take pleasure in lifting up the gumshoe’s skirts and spanking and kneeing their asses until they’re red and raw. Watching Chritina and Celeste’s wonderful titties and rear-ends paraded around and beaten is an indescribable treat. As our two coppers are left whimpering and nursing their bare asses you will surely sigh in utter pleasure.

Match 2Capri Cavanni and Paris Kennedy are some kick ass hotties. They are fighting in some very loosely tied bikini tops today because those things fall off very quickly. The big boobed beauties are topless for most of the fight. They care so much about trouncing their opponent that they don’t even try to cover up. This makes the camel clutches and boston crabs all the more enticing. This fight goes back and forth so often that you’ll be confused about which vixen to vie for. The truth is that it doesn’t matter that much, because there is no doubt that this doozy of a fight will have multiple rematches. So get ready for one of many great shows to come!

Match 3 -Are you ready for one hell of a down and dirty cat fight, here it is: Tylene Buck is slowly getting dressed in her red party dress, black stockings, and red heels when in rushes Akira Lane, she is very angry because Tylene has been cheating with her husband. The sparks fly as Tylene calls Akira some horrible names and the beautiful Asian has had it and wants a fight. They both take everything off but the heels and stocking – it’s fight time! Wild hair pulling ensues as each beauty strains to find a dominant position, actually the hair assaults continues throughout the match as each lady realizes what a great weapon it is. Tylene gets the upper hand and she keeps torturing poor Akira with both words and deeds, head scissors, breast destruction, gut pounding and some long suffering smothers all await the gorgeous brunette. It’s a wild trash talking cat fight, just the way Tylene likes it and so will you !!!!!


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