Match 1 – Big beautiful Skylar Rene is exercising when spunky Ivy Sherwood shows up and soon the girls are comparing bodies – whose booty and breasts are the best, they both strip down to their skimpy bottoms and compare their stellar asses but comparison isn’t enough so a butt battle ensues – bang those big bubble butts till one lady gets bounced into the wall and then they see who can take the most spanking abuse as each is bent over the couch and spanked till their cheeks bounce in rhythm with the blows. Next we have a killer breast battle as each goes wild on their natural breasts, from every angle they pull, squeeze and gouge – even milk hard as each is on all fours. Some of the best angles and most beautiful closeups of breast mauling – so much pain, how do they take this torture as each takes her turn… from floor to couch to wall, even use one hand to cup as the other mauls. Butts get it first but breasts get it worst !!!!!!

Match 2 – Christina Carter and Melissa Jacobs are wearing panty hose and nothing else. They bounce up and down as they blow kisses at the camera and throw dirty looks at each other. The bell rings and both fighters rush to the center of the ring. They grab handfuls of soft flesh as they pull one another to the ground. The topless pugilists spank, knee, and maul each other’s crotches. They speak very little. Most of their vocalizations are grunts and cries. The fighting is rough. By the end of the match there are rips and holes in the girl’s panty hose, their hair is wild, and they are panting. As the fight wears on, the attacks on the crotch region become more intense. Legs are pried behind heads, heels are dug into already bruised pussies, and wedgies become more atomic. Sit back and enjoy because Christina and Melissa are putting on a truly impressive show of barbarism and beauty in this video.

Match 3 – Danielle Trixie and Erika Jordan are facing off in a panty hose match today. They begin their squabble in office attire, but quickly begin ripping the shirts and bras off of each other. With their tits bared, the women take turns mounting one another. They roll across the floor without even removing their clawing fingers from their enemies aching breasts. Danielle and Erika’s legs intertwine and grind like kindling being rubbed together to start a fire. The best part of this match is that neither girl removes her high heels. As the grappling intensifies, Danielle and Erika start to spur each other like unbroken horses. Both wrestlers cry out in agony as DT fans cries out for “MORE!” Unfortunately, all great things must come to an end, and this fight ends better than most. The winner uses her sizable tits to smother her opponent into unconsciousness. This is a guaranteed fight of the year candidate and a must watch for anyone who considers themselves a pantyhose fighting aficionado.


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