Match 1 -Time for some ASS KICKIN’ – that’s right another great multi girl destruction match with lots of great butt destruction and so much more. Celeste Star and Keri Spectrum catch Goldie Blair trying to sneak into their house and decide to kick her ass for revenge, they bend the red head over and her ass protrudes just right in her short black dress, just right for some knees and feet to slam into that butt flesh. They walk her into the house where over the couch they bend her, as dress rides up high on the ass they do some double team ass kicking. But wait what’s this… Goldie’s gang shows up just in time: Holly Heart, Lyra Louvel and Scott now go after Celeste and Keri. They take them outside and take turns kicking their butts as they walk them back and forth ass kicking all the way. Then against the wall where they slug their guts, back inside where they take turns teaming up on one girl at a time, they ravage their breasts then guts and of course back to butts. They make them strip to their nylons so they can give a better butt kicking, how sexy are these two beauties in just bras and nylons. After this destruction they even make them kiss each other, then it’s back to the bedroom to put on short skirts for further ass destruction as both are bent over the couch. Their seems to be a few more things happening in that bedroom that really has their butts sore because we see them huddled together on the bed skirts pulled up around their waists as they rub their now very sore asses – what a total ASS KICKIN’ !!!!!!

Match 2 -Tylene Buck stands in her corner in a metallic gold bikini that shimmers like the golden goddess she is. Her opponent is Christie Stevens, an equally blonde and buxom nubile that sports a tiny yellow bikini, the top of which is quickly removed by the hardened vet she faces. Christie eagerly proves her wrestling ring prowess to her legendary foe. With a giant smile Ms. Stevens relieves Tylene of her top and puts all of her weight into a face down ass up wedgie. The truth is that more often than not, the legend remains and the upstart fighter is put in their place. This video is no different, as you will see when Tylene uses her toes to titty twist a nearly finished Christie. Watching the labored breathes Christie wheezes out while in the clutches of a figure four head lock will make you slightly sad for the poor young girl, but that will only make the viewing experience better.

Match 3 -Kendra James is the big boss at the company. She is upset with some of the management tactics that Melissa Jacobs has been implementing. She calls the young professional into her office for a little reprimand. However, what Ms. James gets is quite the opposite of professional. Melissa storms into Kendra’s office wearing leather pants and a bra yelling about how she is the “top bitch’ and she’ll do what she wants. The argument escalates until the ladies take it to the ring. Kendra slowly takes her insanely hot business attire off. Melissa is blown away by the winsome body that hides beneath. The two red heads fight tooth and nail in their alabaster skin and tiny black underwear. When the winner is finally decided, she takes the panties of the loser. Leaving the failure face down, crying, and completely naked.


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