Match 1 -PUNCHWARTZ, back again and with so much, yes the magical school of bashing is a big hit with big hits again. Melissa Jacobs and Karlie Montana each practice their spells out on one another and once they have their classmate in a trance they batter the hell out of her with so much destruction: gut battering that comes so hard and so ofter, breast slugs that have those cute titties bouncing wildly, spanking that turns these amazing butts red, crotch punches that hurt just to see, and some super doggie style pussy to butt slamming – so much and to each girl, these guts really get destroyed. Also a new element that was so great, while under the spell they were ordered to beat themselves, yes they battered their own guts, smacked their own breasts and spanked their own butts… and they smacked themselves pretty hard, quite a fun thing to watch. These two sexy babes do this trance punching so well and pack so much into their fabulous spells of destruction that you will end up spell bound by PUNCHWARTZ!!!

Match 2 -A boxing tournament, we so love these – four girls see who is the best boxer: Kymberly Jane, Francesca Le, Akira Lane and Kianna Dior. This first match is with Kym and Fran, they both start out topless, bouncing around as they warm up and shadow box. The bell rings and out these warriors bound, Fran sends some bombs to Kym’s pretty face and soon knocks her to the canvas but up she comes and now she throws haymakers and I do mean haymakers because both these ladies are throwing knock out blows, even the blows to the body are shattering, yes these ladies dig low as they swing for the fences and bash both faces and guts. When the bell rings both these pugilists really deserve their rest and drinks and really appreciate that cool water being sponged over their sexy bodies. Some amazing P.O.V.s help us feel like we are part of this brutal battle, blow by devastating blow. Each is barely able to move but on and on they fight till finally one summons up the power for some final blows… a wind up, an upper cut that throws her foe across the ring to the mat, where she can stand over her and raise her arm in victory!!!

Match 3 -This match begins with Christie Stevens talking on the phone topless. Apparently, someone wants her to beat up Angela Sommers. Christie notes how tough Angela is, but decides she could beat her quite easily and agrees to do it for a price. Christie meets Angela at the gym and informs her that she is going to kick her bullying ass. The girls remove their sports bras, but before they can attack each other they are overcome with lust for one another’s perfect bodies. They embrace each other and caress all over. A brand new bottle of oil is tapped and they take turns rubbing it in. However, the honeymoon must end. In this case it ends in a bare knuckle fist fight. When fists alone aren’t enough, Christie and Angela resort to some good old fashioned oil wrestling. You are going to enjoy this fight between a bully and paid heel.


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