Match 1 – Alix Lynn stands tall and proud as she talks down to the shorter girl standing in front of her. Alix’s petite hands rise up to grab a handful of Darcie’s silky brunette hair. Darcie cries bloody murder as her hair is ripped violently from the follicles. She yelps back at her attacker and feebly reaches for Alix’s perfectly blonde hair. The girls’ bare breasts are the next victims. Both of these women have large and perky tits that serve as wonderful targets. Alix and Darcie lay next to each other writhing as their strong hands pulse and clench into one another’s soft flesh. The wrestlers spread their legs and pop their asses in the air as they intertwine in the act of wrestling. Their long legs and panty hose wrapped asses peak at the camera throughout this loud tit fighting match.

Match 2 – The adorable tattooed Kewpie doll, Melissa Jacobs, is a dressed in a red satin skirt and white sports bra. She bounces cheerfully. Her long red locks spring up and down around her smiling face. In the opposite corner, Hollywood stretches with a scowl and bad attitude. She is sick and tired of Melissa’s bubbly demeanor and means to wipe the smile off her face. The women start with one of the most memorable tests of strength in DT history and the fight only ramps up from there. Melissa uses her strong legs to take control of Hollywood’s torso. Melissa squeezes and rides her foe all around the ring. Hollywood bucks like an angry bull, but Melissa holds on for way longer than a mere 8 seconds. Ms. Jacobs seems to be having her way with the legendary Hollywood. Could this match be the upset of the century or will the greatest fighter to step in the DT ring find a way to turn the fight around? This is a can’t miss bought!

Match 3 – Beautiful butt banging on bountiful booties, come on we all like beautiful butts, especially when we can see those cheeks shake and jiggle while being smacked. Kendra James and Celeste Star are running an elite girls school when they come upon Melissa Jacobs in the back yard with her tight dress pulled up as she masturbates, wildly she strokes and just as she gets to orgasm they attack her for her misbehavior. Melissa gets a good butt kicking as each takes her turn kicking the redhead’s amazing rear, they even pull up her tight dress and we get a fabulous view of her incredible ass as they kick away. What’s this, a gang of Melissa’s friends bust in and now it’s the school teachers time for an ass kicking, not only their beautiful butts but their sexy dresses are pulled down and their breasts are attacked as they are held against a wall. Inside and out breasts and butts are attacked, they even strip Kendra and Celeste and continue the attack now clad only in their sexy nylons, even forcing them kiss each other. The gang, which includes; Cali Logan, Christie Stevens and a masked male continue their destruction of our two super sexy matrons, so if you enjoy beautiful banging of bountiful butts sprinkled with some wild breast destruction – enjoy !!!!!


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