Match 1 -Ok, you been hungry for some wild pantyhose catfights, well here it is, the luscious blonde Liz Ashley takes one the always sultry Idelsy Love. They start out in their short skirts that ride up so nicely on their beautiful nylon clad asses, white shirts that soon come off to reveal their sexy bras that also don’t stay on long, soon we are right where we want to be with two topless beauties in high heels and nylons. Hair pulling and tit gouging dominates this match, holds are only so they can get a better grip on their foes juicy peaches, they want to squeeze those peaches till they burst and these are some very ripe juicy peaches, so ready for the picking. Frantic action from beginning to end as both these ladies are bent on destruction, they mount from behind to get a better grip on the low hanging fruit, squeeze it hard doggie style, then face to face they look into each others eyes as they rip at the golden locks of liz or the jet black locks of Idelsy. Then it’s crotch to crotch but still they go after their supple breasts, always back to the breasts and great views of their legs intertwined as they cat ball across the floor. Been yearning for a good nyloned cat fight, this one will slake those hunger pains because these ladies love to get wild in their panty hose !!!!

Match 2 -Abigail Mac and Miko Sinz are some very fancy business women, but that doesn’t stop them from acting very unladylike. They begin the match by putting each other down and grabbing at one another’s “juicy peaches,” as they like to call them. Swiftly the bras are discarded and the ripe fruits of their chests are paraded. The peaches obviously match their owners’ personalities: perky. However, it’s not all about the breasts in this match. Miko and Abigail rub their panty hosed legs and crotch together in an erotically fun competition. The winner of this breast squeezing fun fest takes her time in suffocating her defeated opponent with a set of victorious titties. Enjoy!

Match 3 -Erika Jordan is the big brunette boss lady in town. However, there is a new girl in town. She is a tall, big breasted blonde goddess named Victoria. The ladies strip each other out of their work attire until they are wearing nothing but their tiny skirts, panty hose, and high heels. The combat switches between cruel tit mauling, hair yanking, and leg on leg rubbing. Throughout all of this sexy conflict the women moan and squeal in between their shit talking. If you are a fan of pantyhose on women with great legs and nothing covering up big bouncing titties, then this is the PERFECT match for you. Don’t let another second of your life go by before watching this video!


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