Match 1 -Vanessa Veracruz, have you seen this gorgeous new wrestler yet, if not it’s time – she is a shapely lean brunette, with beauty that rivals all. Not just beauty but a great spunky attitude and a love to get physical – she’ll need it because she is up against another gorgeous brunette: Idelsy Love, both ladies in their super sexy outfits of lingerie with garter belts and stocking. They decide to see who is the hottest with a three out of five fall fight. This match is just full of your favorite wedgie pulls, from the front they slide those thin bikinis up between their sexy pussy lips and then around to their beautiful butts. Idlesy soon has Vanessa in the corner twisting her amazing nipples, and I do mean amazing because they protrude so much they’re begging to get tweaked. Breast slapping adds a nice jolt to these dazzling breasts, then both do some face sitting that allows them to go after breasts and more great wedgies. Soon the hands go under the panties to get a better grip on those vulnerable crotches, eventually this is not enough and both women rip the panties off and now they can really get at those impressive pussies with wild wedgies using the loose panties and lots of digging hands and fingers into genitalia. Get to know Vanessa she is one hot lady, and with two super hot brunettes this is one is fabulous!!!

Match 2 -Euro women, I love em – these beauties are all natural so their tits have an extra bounce to them and you will enjoy it so. Minnie, a sleek little brunette with not an ounce of fat on her lithe body and Angel with a bit more meat on her bones, just enough to give her such a sexy bounce as her brown skin glows with each bounce, she is so desirable we just don’t know why we haven’t seen more of her. We know Minnie is tough but finding out that sexy Angel is also a gamer is a real bonus. First thing they do is take off all their clothes, all these euro girls love to do it in the nude, then they challenge each other to see who can withstand a hold longer and these babes really put the pain in their holds, best is the the hangman, so sexy seeing these feminine figures stretched with one butt resting on the other, Minnie’s body almost seems to come apart and when Angel gets stretched we really see how special she is – what a sexy body with that shaved pussy. Off the ground they take each other with bear hugs, also body scissors, arm bars, figure four leg locks, and ab stretches. So many of you have found a great love for these natural naked Euro babes and I really understand why – they are fabulous!!!

Match 3 -Have you been waiting for Akira Lane and Francesca Le to get completely naked and throw down with each other? Then boy do we have a treat for you. Both ladies begin the fight fired up. They circle like sharks, never turning away from their opponent. Then, in a snap Fran has grabbed Akira’s shirt and rips it away. Akira, enraged by the attack, returns the favor and rips the spaghetti strap from Francesca’s torso. The bras are subjected to similar treatment until our fighters are topless and simultaneously biting one another’s nipples. Screams and frantic violence mingle nicely with the rapid progression toward nudity. Akira and Francesca will entangle their golden and perfectly proportioned bodies around each other until it is impossible to discern whose limb is whose. The fighters spend a commendable amount of time bighting each other in the crotch trying to make the other one give. If that sounds appetizing to you then you must step forward and give this video a try.


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