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Match 1 -Two of the hottest Asians in the business and they can’t wait to get their hands on each other: Akira Lane and Mia Li are about the same size and strength and both are beyond sexy. Mia in her braids is just too cute and Akira with her flowing black hair beautiful as ever and both wear the skimpiest of bottoms – and tops that are soon ripped off. An intense test of strength foretells just how wild this battle is going to be, finally Akira rides Mia to the corner where she gives her a real DT welcome with savage blows to the gut but Mia breaks free and now she kicks wildly to Akira’s middle. Neither will let up as they continue to trade blows and holds, we all know how tough Akira is but this Mia Li is just as tough and she seems to relish both giving and receiving the pain. Savage camel clutches are pulled on both of them as well as chokes, stretches, bear hugs, hair pulling and just general mayhem. If you haven’t seen Mia Li yet you are in for a real treat, and we all know what a treat Akira always is so if you want to see two of the hottest Asians in the business wreak hell on each other… here it is!!!

Match 2 -Kianna Dior is a cat burglar. She stalks through a quiet home with a bag of goodies, taking her pick of what the home has to offer. The outfit she prefers to burgle in is a fishnet body stocking with holes in the crotch and sides. One can see everything this buxom bandit has to offer. I suppose this outfit may give Kianna more mobility or maybe it’s because if she ever gets caught it will serve as a distraction. As Kianna moves through the house she inexplicably runs into another thief. Goldie Blair is looting the house the same way Kianna is. In fact, she is wearing a similar outfit. These two have been robbing the same houses in their neighborhood and they are sick of it. They decide to finish this with their best assets. The epic tit fight that ensues will include breast scratching, smashing, biting, and even smooshing them against a glass door. The fight will end with both girls completely naked in bed, writhing as they fight for their right to steal.

Match 3 -Star 9 caresses her bare tits and moans as she calls her friend Kendra James. She sets up a meeting with Kendra. When the ladies meet they begin to touch and whisper to each other. However, they aren’t whispering sweet nothings into one another’s ears, rather, they are discussing how they will face off in a bare knuckle, anything goes fight. Before they say goodbye, Kendra pulls out a bottle of oil. The two women take turns rubbing the shimmering liquid on their exposed breasts. The next day they face off in the DT ring wearing nothing but bikini bottoms. A prolonged test of strength starts of the match. Star eventually collapses under the pressure and a barrage of bare knuckled blows go flying. The fight will end with some nice foot worshiping and breast smothering. Will the little blonde Star defeat the tall and fiery red head? I promise that you will want to find out.


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