Match 1 -Charlie Mancini and Alix Lynx are some of the most drop dead gorgeous models you have ever seen. They have large and perky tits and ass, long hair, tight tummies, and the faces of angels. While these girls may be beautiful, they are down right ferocious. The grins on their perfect faces reach from ear to ear as they hold their opponent down and maul their breasts and crotch. The access to these sacred body parts is made easier by the itsy bitsy sling shot thong that both girls wear. The tiny underwear is utilized in horrific fashion as both girls take turns ripping the thongs upwards to create a nightmare wedgy. Charlie delivers perhaps the most violent slaps to a breast that has ever been witnessed in a DT wrestling ring. Alix returns the favor with a flesh tearing purple nurple. By the end of the match both girls are nude except for the black, thigh high stocking, and boy do they wear it well. Double Trouble may be the only place in the world where you can watch girls of this quality go at each other as mercilessly as these two do.

Match 2 -Francesca Le and Akira Lane showed up for a costume party wearing the same witches outfit. Neither sorceress is willing to remove her costume. The argument boils over like a bubbling cauldron until violence is the only option. The two Halloween witches begin smashing their titties together and ripping the outfits off of each other. The now naked ladies bite and scratch one another’s supple breasts and crotch. They cackle and howl as their flesh is put through a tooth and nail meat grinder. Francesca and Akira smear their party make up with each scream, tear, or scratched face. The winner will get to wear her costume and leave the loser passed out naked on the floor. If you are interested in a pair of completely naked party girls going after each other’s most private and delicate body parts with their sharp nails and teeth, then you will absolutely love this wickedly fun video.

Match 3 -This is one incredible match, so long and involved we had to split it in two and each version is fabulous – and what a story! We have mothers and daughters and they have decided to have a sexual fight. On one side we have Christina Carter with her daughter; Sasha Heart and they are going up against Francesca Le with her daughter; Lyra Louvel – they are all friendly but very determined to win. The mothers strip their daughter because this will be a nude match and when the daughters get done the mothers will go against each other so the daughters also strip their mothers – so sexy watching them all get naked. Time for the daughters to got at it and boy do they get it on, starting off with a super bear hug that pulls and grinds their sexy bodies together, then Lyra snaps a scissors around Sasha’s breasts allowing her to go after her crotch but Sasha rubs Lyra’s breasts and also goes after Lyra’s pussy. The ultimate in pain and pleasure, they go for who will orgasm as their mothers cheer them on. Back and forth they go each trying to put on holds that allow them to suck breasts and stroke pussies – finally one mounts her foe and forces an orgasm. Time for the mammas to get it on, Francesca and Christina are two of the best at these wild sex fights and out to prove it. They roll all over each other, find ways to hold down their foe and suck her tits till she can’t help but be turned on, then they go after the pussies. They go hard because these are two veterans, but finally… finally one orgasms. But wait this is just the first round, they’re going to do this all over again, so get ready because here it comes !!!!!!.


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