Match 1 -Akira Lane is very upset with Erika Jordan. She believes that Erika is trying to steal her boyfriend. However, Erika is certain that Akira is the one trying to steal her boyfriend. Strong words lead to finger pointing, which leads to shirt ripping, which leads to two completely nude hotties fighting each other. Forearm tendons tense as both girls slide their needle pointed fingers toward the crotch of their rival. When both women seem to have had their fill of crotch mutilation, they switch to breast mauling. Watching these completely nude beauties do their absolute best to ruin the perfect body of their enemy is an extremely satisfying experience. Will Akira be able to bite her way to victory? Will Erika be able dig her nails in deeper than Akira? You will have to watch to find out.

Match 2 -Are you the kind of guy who is into blondes with perfect bodies? Yeah, I thought so. Well, this match features Victoria Marquez and Christie Stevens, two gorgeous blondes with superb bodies. In this match, Christie notices that Victoria is wearing her thong. Victoria is quick to point out that she might look better in the thong than Christie and should be able to keep it. Christie can’t believe her ears and grabs for the thongs. The ladies tumble across the ring, grabbing one another’s breasts and panties. Soon their tops are off. Victoria and Christie wedgy each other in thigh high stockings and garter belts. Their awe-inspiring butts are arched up over and over again for the camera to see. Quickly this match become about who can withstand the most wedgy torture. The lucky winner will get to leave the ring wearing the bright pink panties. Who would have thought that such a big fuss would be made over such a tiny piece of fabric?

Match 3 -Talking dirt and not going to take it any more, yes, they may be sisters but there is no love lost between them. Stacy Burke and Francesca Le are mad as hell as each hears the other thinks she is tougher, Stacy rushes over to Fran’s house and neither girl wants to get her clothes torn so they strip naked and then decide to oil up their gorgeous bodies, once they get a shine on they start the battle. And what a battle it is as each takes a turn at pounding her sibling – this is a non stop bare knuckles punching match. First Fran slams her fists hard into Stacy’s glowing belly, then to the head she throws as the blonde is battered into the wall where the onslaught continues till finally she falls to the floor . But sister hate is strong and drives Stacy to retaliate, now it’s her turn to ripple that gut flesh with knuckles to the belly, she hits hard enough to see the flesh indent, then to the head – now it’s the brunette’s turn to stagger around the room. Round and round it goes and where it ends nobody knows but we do know only one of these sisters will be left standing. Two of the original gang showing they can still throw down with the best of them!!!


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