Match 1 -This is one wild and crazy boxing bout, Goldie Blair and Diana Knight are topless with sexy short skirts and ready to knock the hell out of each other, but some interesting rules: you can only win by knock-out and if one girl is knocked down but doesn’t get up by the ten count she has to service her foe with kissing and breast worship. A battle royal ensues, belly, breasts and face all take quite the beating and we are blessed with some fabulous P.O.V. shots, we watch their beautiful breasts shake and shimmy as they throw each punch. Diana almost seems to enjoy her beating and when she can’t get up for the ten count she enjoys servicing Goldie – licking those luscious breasts. But Diana also loves destruction and takes her turn sending bombs into Goldie’s large breast targets till Goldie mets the canvas, then it’s her turn to service the brunette. Punches in bunches aimed at delicate feminine flesh, so many blows my arms get tired just watching – big breasted topless beauties boxing till we have a knock out and servicing each other on the way – oh yes we love this one !!!!!!

Match 2 -Busty babes boxing, that’s the first part of this fight – three rounds and each different. Akira Lane and Christina Carter are topless and beating the hell out of each other, their red gloves slam into their white bountiful breasts, with each slug they bounce and sway. Then when they try to protect those battered breasts the crotches get pummeled, if this isn’t enough a few head shots have one babe on the canvas, but she gets up and now it’s her turn to batter some boobs – back and forth till one finally goes down but not from the gloves she gets smoother out by those fleshy chest mounds. The next two rounds are sans gloves, now they can really get a good hold on those big breasts – Akira gets the first hand full as she attacks Christiana’s large targets, nipples get pulled hard, so hard she leads the big brunette on a trip around the ring as she pulls hard on her aching nipples. How much can two nipples take, after the huge nipple pull she puts a leg scissors around Christina’s breasts and smashes them with her legs. Then it’s to the ropes where those now sore breasts get the ultimate work out, smashed and raked till they can take no more. The third round has both breast and crotch destruction, both may be tired but now they are angry and anything goes !!!!!

Match 3 -Ok Darcie Dolce isn’t the greatest boxer, she’s new at boxing but she is learning, boy does she look hot in her red, white and blue bikini bottoms with no top, yes she is boxing with those amazing breasts free and we get some great views with a lot of POV shots, watch her slam her opponent -with each punch her breasts bounce and jiggle. And who is on the receiving end of all this punishment: Ivy Sherwood, this beautiful black beauty is also topless and while she is a good athlete after a few shots to the head she is on the defensive, her gorgeous body is pummeled, her gut constantly battered, with each blow her body shakes, then to the head for more and more destruction. New boxers that look amazing in their skimpy bikini bottoms and four natural breasts that are free to frolic with each blow. This is fun boxing with both of these young beauties working hard but it ended up a one-sided beat down – both winner and loser look so sexy, even with the mouth pieces in. Sexy young topless boxers bounding around a ring for you – enjoy !!!!!!


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