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Match 1 -She’s all Hollywood and he’s all Monster but wait this isn’t regular Hollywood, no, this babe is a super heroine in her ever so hot super garb and she’s going to need all that super power as this Monster is savage, nothing he likes more than inflicting pain. Holly super star even has the Monster down and rides his back, how sexy is this blonde on all fours while riding a monster, but her power is not enough to stop the mighty one as slowly he muscles her arms upward then rolls her over and and goes for a killer choke but this super heroine is too tough for this, she comes back with some destructive corner work of her own and Monster takes her best shots and comes back with his own and his are full of blood because his fists have claws, claws that slice into her supple flesh – over and over she gets slashed, even her beautiful breasts have crimson trails, the nipples drip with blood. She crawls seemingly destroyed but she is Super and we have a super come back… can she sustain or has she lost too much blood? A SUPER match by two super powers !!!!!!

Match 2 -Nobody is better at being evil than Diana Knight, she thrives on destruction, in all her black evil glory she goes after the Guardian Belt that protects earth, it’s worn by the Guardian Princess, Ivy Sherwood. And to do battle with the evil one she has brought her Champion, Jessica Bangcock, in her star spangled super costume she must fight to save the belt from falling into the hands of destruction, and fight she does. This vicious fight soon finds her bountiful breasts exploding out from her heroine garb and offering targets for the mean one in black, she sinks her claws deep into the tender flesh, then on to more destruction as she bends her in half in a camel clutch but the guardians champion summons her strength and now she is on the destroying end with the evil one in the corner she batters her body then face, but evil is so hard to destroy even with all her battering the one in black comes back. Now it’s time to give up the belt, and with this the princess will be destroyed, soon Iv’s white suit is pulled down exposing her vulnerable breasts that evil now uses as punching bags, back and forth those bouncy mounds get smacked, then she is choked and match booked. Ivy’s ebony body looks so sexy in her white suit, even when her soul is taken she looks divine, both her and Jessica look amazing with their costumes pulled down to their waists and their bodies splayed across the canvas – enjoy !!!!

Match 3 -Stacy Burke is the famous force of good, Daisy Chain. Today she is trying to rid the world of a fiendish foe known as The Evil Clown. At first Daisy is easily handling the gruesome Clown but it isn’t long before the Clown has turned the tables and is using every dirty trick in the book to inflict truckloads of pain on earth’s only hope. After tying up and choking out Daisy, the Clown is confronted by Daisy Chain’s pissed off side kick, played by Tylene Buck. However, the new challenger is no match for the Evil Clown. Poor Daisy Chain groggily wakes to the sight of her best friend being tortured by the same villain that slayed her. This match ends with the Clown victoriously tying both of the bare breasted heroes together in the center of the ring.


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