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Match 1Sinn Sage is Relaxing on her couch in a hot orange bikini when Melissa Jacobs storms into the living room questioning her about who is the legitimate Double Trouble champion is. The luscious duo begin grappling quickly. Melissa get on top and systematically tortures every one of Sinn’s erogenous zones. Melissa bites the hell out of Sinn’s perky little tits, but they end up in a mutual crotch maul. Sinn turns the tables and uses her massive booty to face sit her lucky foe. Melissa’s panties are removed, showing her perfect flower to the whole world. Eventually all of the clothes will be lost, leaving only angry, fighting archetypes of beauty.

Match 2Serena Blair may be new to DT, but she is making some big waves. She has knocked out just about every champion on the DT roster. When Hollywood hears about this new hot shot she comes out of retirement for one last title match. Hollywood towers over the adorable brunette newbie. Serena can barely reach Hollywood’s hands for a test of strength. This multi-round knockout/submission match features some very impressive and intricate holds. The fight ends with the girls being tied together by their left wrists. Selena is stripped bare naked and thrown into a standing bow and arrow hold. Can the naked young super star make it out of her perilous position or is she merely a flash in the pan?

Match 3 -Have you seen Brandy yet? She is amazing and one of the baddest girls in Europe, and one of the most popular, you will know why when you see her in action. And see all of her as this brunette beauty starts out naked and how beautiful she is in all her natural goodness, and as gorgeous as she is, she is just as tough but blonde Lana is not afraid and she is just as eager to show off her all natural body as she also starts out nude and even puts on the first substantial hold with a crushing waist scissors, she uses her strong ample thighs to make our tough girl scream in pain. We are in for a fight, both ladies put on savage holds; head locks, ab stretches, arm bars, grape vines, bow and arrows, bear hugs, Indian death lock and figure four leg lock… all this and naked beauty – this is why we love the Euro girls !!!!!


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