Match 1 – Savage, the only way to describe the battering in this match – and to make it savage ecstasy we welcome back two warriors we have truly missed: Nicole Oring and Sadie Holmes. Sleek Sadie is so hot, she challenges the super tough Asian and when they finally get in the ring they’re topless and Sadie insists on oiling Nicole up, then insisting she do the same to her – she is driving Nicole crazy with her incessant taking. But when these two finally fight the action is amazing, the hits are nonstop and so brutal both to face and gut, with great views from outside the ring. Also savage holds by both especially Sadie who uses her long strong legs, wrapped around Nicole’s tiny waist and her gorgeous face she squeezes for ultimate pain. Both these girls smack those guts making their cute breasts jiggle with each blast. Oh and we love it when after the first fall they spritz off with water putting a real sheen on their stunning figures. This may be one savage beating, with some of the best slugs around but with these two beauties it is most definitely savage ecstasy!!!!!!

Match 2 – Erika Jordan and Karlie Montana are squaring off in a legitimate boxing match. Karlie is unhappy with some of the trash talk that Erika has been spewing and today she means to shut up Erika’s big mouth. The women are adorned in pristine white sports bras, silky boxing shorts, and classic red boxing gloves. Watching their beautiful heads snap backwards violently with each jab is a real treat to watch. Karlie’s auburn hair is held back in an elegant French braid that is frayed by the end of the match. With each upper cut Erika’s high ponytail splashes across the back of her sweat drenched neck. Are you ready to see two of the prettiest girls in the world punch each other in the face repeatedly? Erika and Karlie knock one other to the mat over and over again and each time rise to their feet in this classic DT boxing match.

Match 3 – Miko Sinz is out to get retaliation against Diana Knight for beating up her friend, Akira. Diana laughs off Miko’s confrontation. The tall and powerful Diana looks at the frail Asian girl as an inferior fighter and woman. When Miko strikes Diana it seems to have no effect, other than to make Diana giggle. After eating a couple of Miko’s fruitless punches, Diana begins her barrage of devastating strikes. It isn’t long before the once cocky Miko is screeching as her clothes and dignity are being taken away from her by a more powerful fighter. When Miko is down to just her panties she is subjected to brutal crotch mauling. Diana seems to never tire of the pain and anguish she inflicts on her smaller and younger foe. She will leave Miko topless and begging for mercy. I can’t think of a more perfect way to end a Double Trouble match. Make sure to catch this Asian beatdown!


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