Match 1 -Oh boy, here it is! This series has been so popular we just couldn’t wait to get out another one, Bat Girl (Cali Logan) is at it again and this time her two foes are out for real destruction; Cat Woman (Diana Knight) and Targra (Afrika) have planned some very intricate demolition of the bat babe. This is definitely a super super heroine movie, so much so it has to be in two parts. Bat girl is accused of a heinous crime and Cat Woman has brought her to the ring so that all of Gotham can see her punished for her crime, Bat Girl pleads her innocence but the screaming crowd wants vengeance and Targra soon appears to slake the blood lust. The bat babe is up for the fight and after a wild bout she comes out on top but what is this, yes, Targra keeps coming back till she has shredded the bat costume, I might add, in the most sexy way. Now it’s time for Cat Woman and Targra to both get in the action as we are treated to some double teaming destruction, now the costume is really getting ripped off, then come the pies and hold on because now we are treated to the incredible stretch band bondage segment that has our heroine going in all directions. But of course Cat Woman is by no means finished with her bat toy, no, there is so much more she has planned, yes it’s not just destruction but total humiliation for the poor bat heroine. Another of those super super-heroine movies that is worth the wait !!!!!!

Match 2 -So campy and so much fun and oh do Capri Cavanni and Hollywood look sexy in their super heroine costumes, this is old school super heroine fun. Our two hot super babes have found the villain’s lair, a dungeon filled with huge cobwebs and a henchman named Elwood just waiting to destroy them, but these two super babes are ready and beat the hell out of the big lug, but he gets help from his boss and our heroines are sucked into a trap, will they ever get out – you bet your ass they will, but only to find themselves in another perilous predicament. That’s the way this one rolls, the girls beat hell out of Elwood but alway end in a spot that looks impossible to get out of, their sexy bodies bound and waiting for destruction but these two are not only tough but very inventive as each time they find a way out of their near death experience. From trapped in the webs to being catapulted into space to being plastered into statues – they always find their way out, because they are SUPER HEROINES !!!!!

Match 3 -Time for the Soul Stealer to work her magic again, this time it’s Cali Logan in her black leotard and she is taking on two super babes; Melissa Jacobs and Randy Moore, these two are blessed with super powers and are not at all concerned about this evil one, hell they beat her almost to death last time. Cali enters and lets them know that she has defeated the keeper of the earth and now she wants revenge on them, they laugh until she grabs them both by the neck and they soon find out her powers have grown immeasurably. This is no laughing matter, the evil one now destroys them one at a time with killer slugs and holds, but they team up and seem seem in control of this bad bitch, the handcuffs are out and ready to be… not so fast, the Soul Stealer has other plans and they include total destruction along with some super soul sucking. Cali makes one fabulous villain because she loves it so and she is so sexy in that one piece and Melissa and Randy never looked so good getting their souls sucked – super sexy soul sucking super heroines – how wonderful !!!!


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