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Match 1 -The outfits sported in this match are wonderfully provocative. Leya Falcon boasts a black thong, knee pads, and a tiny hooded sweat shirt that her gloriously plump tits squeeze out the top of. As hot as Leya looks, Skylar Rene is the star of this show. She looks incredible in a fish net body suit that turns her ass into a bonafide work of art. And boy does this match do a good job of showing off Ms. Rene’s winsome buttocks. The head scissors Leya finds herself in puts Skylar’s clenched tuckus right in the face of Leya and our DT camera man. This one sided beat down is pure poetry to any true butt worshiper.

Match 2 -Emily Austin and Liz Ashley are two adorable blondes. They stand topless facing each other in the DT ring with cruel glowers on their faces. However, before these beauties can get down to the real fighting they must partake in Indian wrestling, tit fighting, and a test of strength. The mixed bag that this match turns into makes for the kind of DT match that any fan would enjoy. The best part of this match is that these bubbly blondes are having the time of their life. They giggle, grunt, laugh, and jiggle. I can’t promise you won’t fall in love as you watch two young ladies in the throws of joy as they throw each other around the Double Trouble wrestling ring.

Match 3 -Christie Stevens couldn’t look any cuter as she poses in her pink one-piece bikini, panty hose, and knee pads. That makes it that much more harsh when Diana Knight obliterates the young and perky blonde. Diana is wearing all black and seems to be almost offended by the bubble gum personality that Christie oozes. Diana gives no respite to her foe. The backbreakers, figure-four leg locks, and bear hugs are only broken up by bouts of slugging and a heaping dose of some freaky foot stuff. With a black panty hosed foot, Diana rubs and suffocates Christie’s face. This continues for the rest of the match until the video climaxes with Diana’s sweaty foot half way down Christies tight pink throat. Get yourself ready for one hell of a freaky, stinky, foot fetishy beatdown.


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