Match 1 -ONE OF THE GREATEST EVER, what better way to start the new year off than with one of the greatest matches ever offered – what makes it so great you may ask – how about six of DT’s best ladies, all in one fabulous match. That’s right six; Paris Kennedy, Randy Moore and Tylene Buck are one one side and on the other side we have; Ariel X, Diana Knight, and Christina Carter, they all just finished watching a fight so they are really pumped up and when a little shoving starts well, it escalates fast and soon we have six angry beauties in a donnybrook. They are all in the ring with action so fast and furious we can hardly keep up, what a joy till they are thrown out of the place, but they so angry they want to continue the fight, they decide to meet at a girl’s apartment and continue the big fight. It goes from an all out brawl to one on one contests where clothes can be ripped off – then one suggests to really get down and dirty and they all strip naked and we have the most beautiful pile of naked flesh you may ever see. It’s fast and furious and six of the most beautiful female fighters ever make this; ONE OF THE GREATEST EVER !!!!!!

Match 2Taylor Vixen and Capri Cavanni, one of these girls is a boyfriend stealing bitch and the other wants to teach her a lesson, after a heated verbal battle they decide to have some tests of strength to see who is the better. They start out with a prolonged test of strength, hands clasped high over head they struggle, both is small bikinis this battle offers great views of their fabulous bodies, then it’s a bear hug challenge as they press their supple breasts together slamming bellies for good measure. This is not good enough we need to get down to some skin, tops come off as they each hold up their breasts to smash them into each other. Soon they are back to bear hugging topless, then it’s to the wall for some super hard slamming. Still not good enough, need more skin so bottoms come off and now their gorgeous young bodies lay upon each other seeing who can press the hardest. The trash talking never stops as these naked beauties make us wish we could be on the bottom of this flesh pressing bonanza!!!

Match 3 -Asian allure, brown skinned beauties, always a favorite especially when they don’t like each other, which is the case with Akira Lane and Nicole Oring – the venom that comes out of their beautiful mouths. The dislike carries over into the match as they go hard at each other and once Nicole has her foe against the ropes she batters her brown belly mercilessly, then a hard shot to the face drops her and a sustained choke wins her the fist fall. This makes Akira more determined but Nicole smartly goes for her breasts and again gains control as she digs her nails deep into Akira’s soft fleshy chest – no way out, oh yes there is – Akira unties Nicole’s bottoms and as the long haired brunette tries to protect herself she gains control. Eventually they are both naked and the attacks become even more savage; vicious blows to both gut and head, chokes, bow and arrows, breast smothers, surf boards, breast destruction, foot in crotch stretch and so much more, all with BAD intentions. Naked Asian bliss, that’s what we get when two of the most beautiful Asian fighters around don’t like each other – Asian Allure at it’s finest!!!!


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