Match 1 -Topless kick boxing with the Muay Thai outfits, head gear and mouth pieces – that’s what Francesca Le and Cindy Pucci are dealing with as they start their boxing. They are protected, which means they can go harder at the face and don’t kid yourself, just because one wears head gear the blows still hurt as these ladies find out many a time – each greets the canvas numerous times. Cindy is the first to feel the canvas but when she gets up she is so tough it takes a huge beating to get her down again, hits to face, gut and breasts, and then those kicks, Fran puts her in a Muay Thai clinch and proceeds to throw wicked knees to her gut, breasts and face – Cindy goes down but she is by no means done. Blondie is determined and now we have a real fight as Francesca feels some hard kicks to the ribs, then gut, head and breast shots. Finally we have a knock out or…… and this is by no means over. One feels the other cheated with her breasts, so they decide to go at it again and this time without head gear – wow, another fabulous fight with more strikes to the head, gut and breasts – two great fights in one!!!!!

Match 2Celeste Star doesn’t like Andie Valentino, so getting to box her is just what Celeste wants, yes both these girls don’t shy away from a good fight and a good fight it is. Celeste smashes Andie’s nose in the beginning and it takes her a while before she can put up a proper fight, she takes a beating in the corner as she tries to recoup, hard gut slugs have her in big trouble and we get lots of shots up close from outside of the ring. Finally appealing Andie musters up a come back, she has Celeste in the corner and batters her to the best of her abilities but the fight has already taken it’s toll, her blows don’t have the power they should. Sleek Celeste weathers her beating then mounts her come back, Andie is going to pay and pay deeply, hard shots rain down on her supple stomach, she wraps her sweaty body around Celeste trying to stop the pain but Celeste pushes her off and continues the onslaught. Sweaty beautiful bodies banging hard — what could be better?!?!?!?

Match 3 -BODY PUNCHING, OH YES! And two of the best sluggers; Nicole Oring and Goldie Blaire are ready to do battle but not till Christine Dupree joins in because she is in control of this match, she pushes the girls to hit harder and be meaner — needless to say, they are not happy with her. Christine even rips off their tops so they can batter the breasts, she pushes them into each other for more punishment, not that they need it, no, these girls are both very aggressive as proved by their constant destruction, over and over they slam those gloves into the soft gut flesh, then into the even softer breast flesh – Goldie’s big breasts ripple with waves of destruction. And when one goes down Christine forces her in the corner where the other girl gets to pound on her free of restrictions. Their bodies are so battered they can hardly move but don’t think Christine gets out of this unscathed, she takes a battering too. Warning here: this was shot in conjunction with another so you may see it on another site but it won’t be quite the same as ours. If you want to see two beauties battering bodies, than this is the one for you.


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