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Match 1 -The boss is getting tough! That’s right, Cali Logan is the boss of this office and she expects Randy Moore and Danielle Trixie, her underlings, to dress and act appropriately. How dare these girls come to work dressed as sluts – the boss is putting her foot down! She points out how slutty their clothes are as they are forced to endure her point by point instruction on how to dress. Eventually they all sit down on the couch where the girls decide they’ve had enough and go after the boss, first it’s slow and sensual but as Cali resists it become very physical. The sexy boss in her conventional nylons and dress puts up a valiant fight but the sexy clad workers soon gain the upper hand – they want to see the boss’s breasts, love those natural titties – soon they have her top off and are savaging her breast flesh. They double team her as they strip her out of the rest of her office clothes, leaving only her nylons to protect her they continue their onslaught on her breasts then move to her crotch but this isn’t enough, they must take off their tops and torture her with their breasts, still not enough revenge they take her to the floor where randy wraps her fishnet clad legs around the boss as Danielle goes for more destruction. Even when they have subdued her they have more humiliation in store for their superior – nothing is better than getting back at the boss and we are treated to the whole sexy adventure!!!!

Match 2 -Who gets to be the main dancer in the club tonight? The only way to answer this question for two sexy dances is a good old fashioned cat fight – so Randy Moore and Nicloe Oring get it on, but the sexy Asian plays dirty and with some savage low blows, she takes control and soon is stretching Randy’s arms behind her back with a standing surfboard, adding pain with her spiked heels digging in Randy’s firm round butt. The destruction continues as the sleek brunette throws the blonde against the wall where she chokes her with her foot, then it’s to the floor for a sustained face-sit. But never count tough Randy out as she turns the tables and now it’s her turn for some killer holds; figure four head scissors, foot chokes and a real smothering face-sit and this is just the beginning – Nicole is stripped down to her sexy hose, now her breasts and crotch are exposed and attacked. An angry Randy wants total destruction, she wants her foe battered from head to toe – can Nicole get another turn at the blonde or is this all bruises for the brunette. Two super sexy ladies try to rip the clothes off of each other in one wild cat fight of destruction!!!!

Match 3 -That bitch was so embarrassing – the things she did to us last night, she should have to pay for what she did. These are the musings of Capri Cavanni and Ariel X as they sit outside nursing their hangovers from the night before, a night in which Randy Moore was so drunk she needs to be taught a lesson. So it’s into the house they go, an unsuspecting Randy is asleep on the couch when they leap upon her, one straddles her legs and the other her arms as they rip off her top and begin to molest the curves of her beautiful body. Soon their tops are off as her body has them turned on, her body is stretched over the couch so they can slug that rock hard gut and claw those breasts better. Then to the floor where the double teaming continues but soon all the stroking of her sexy body has them so turned on they need a release and to our great fortune they decide to take their now submissive victim to the hot tub. Soon these three super sexy bodies are glistening, the water undulates around them as they rub then kiss Randy’s breasts, then kiss each other, then kiss Randy – all just rubbing and kissing as the hot water keeps them warm, sexy and turned on !!!!


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