Match 1 -What happens when you put two of the best performers in the ring together; sparks fly! Hollywood and Vanessa Harding are two of the best ever, when it comes to putting on a great show they both still have the moves and the attitude, oh Vanessa has attitude, she just loves inflicting pain but Hollywood not only knows how to avoid pain but also how to dish out her own pain sandwich. They stat out with a long test of strength into arm-bars then hard gut slugs, shoulder rams that get reversed to a head lock – we’re off. Vanessa uses her power to gain control, her wild white hair flies as from standing she throws Hollywood’s head to the canvas, but the sleek beauty uses her skill and movement to turn the tables-back and forth these two veterans of the ring go. Vanessa rips Holly’s top off and uses it to choke her – this is the beginning of some real destruction, Vanessa has the lean beauty over her back, she carries her around the ring – she so loves to taunt her and this is only the beginning of the tortuous holds and lifts — can Hollywood come back from this beating – this may be too much for anyone !!!!

Match 2 -Two fabulous hard bodies in a best of seven submission only match, and you must use four different submissions to win. Karlie Montana and Prinzzess are up for the challenge, they are most definitely hard bodies and beautiful girls, they also like to talk a lot of smack, no love lost between these two – Prinzzess didn’t show for their last scheduled match and Karlie is still upset. The start has the curly blonde getting the jump on Karlie, she is soon slamming those curls into Karlie’s rock hard abs, again and again she smashes her head into one of the best bodies to ever enter a ring. Our tan beauty stays in control as she rides her foe with a deep camel clutch, super hard slams to the gut, a kneeling surfboard, all to set up a tortuous figure four. That’s just one of many falls as each lady gives and takes, and don’t think Karlie doesn’t get her revenge, a Boston crab, bow and arrow, corner destruction and so many more pain filled holds. These two warriors start out topless, so appropriate for such young hard bodies, watching them roll over each other is pure joy!!!

Match 3 -Squish squash, Sandy White is about to splatter another body over the canvas, what’s this, the lady she was supposed to fight isn’t coming because of what Sandy did to her last opponent. When Sandy finds this out she is furious, she didn’t come all this way not to wrestle, Sandy runs to the dressing room and pulls a girl out, she is supposed to wrestle in another match but that means nothing to the destroyer. The poor unfortunate soul happens to be the petite super beauty; Capri Cavanni, now Capri wants nothing to do with this, she knows all about Sandy but Sandy just starts beating her, robe and all. The wild blonde pounds capri’s gut, then rips the robe off, then her top, kicks her hard while she’s down, takes her overhead for a body slam, then one of the most savage camel clutches I have ever seen, a choke and an over the shoulder torture rack, poor Capri comes down hard as Sandy turns to the camera and says “I’m just warming up, you better call an ambulance”. The big blonde wasn’t kidding after the power bomb and a few more body slams and Capri’s sexy body was screaming for relief, but no relief was forthcoming – squish squash Sandy splatters another loss, another young babe destroyed by the ultimate destroyer!!!!


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