Match 1 -The tall, blonde, and busty, Randy Moore enters the ring in her American flag bikini, waiting to take on the Korean champion, Nicole Oring. Randy is strong and skilled in the fundamentals, but Nicole is the best in the world at nerve holds and cheating. As the girls wrestle Nicole cackles loudly and grabs at Randy’s crotch. Randy freezes from the dirty nerve clinch, completely at the mercy of Nicole. Can our American hero overcome the foul tactics of her foreign foe or will a new power reign over the wrestling world. This international spectacle of beauty and competitions is a can’t miss affair.

Match 2 -Two gorgeous Asians do battle as they entered the world; naked. Akira Lane and Kianna Dior soon have their bountiful breasts smashed together as they endure a test of strength, what a fabulous shot it is as these two naked bronze bodies lean against each other struggling for dominance. In their bright lipstick and braided hair they strike many enticing poses; Kianna has Akira over her back stretching her, then Akira does the same and Kianna’s large breasts flail in the stretch, or the best is when they are both sitting and match up their feet pressing each others legs as they strain their crotches. Those full nelsons really pop their bountiful chests out, and that arm lock puts on some real pain, but it’s that chest to chest test of strength that really makes this match stand out. Two talented, gorgeous, naked Asians – what could be better ?!?!?!?

Match 3Miko Sinz is sick of Goldie Blair kicking her friends asses, so she challenges her to a boxing bout, Goldie is ecstatic at the invitation and even tells her not to bother bringing clothes, they will fight nude. The next day we find them both in the ring, nude and ready to rumble, Goldie saunters over and lets the cute Asian know what she is in for, she turns to go back to her corner but Miko whips her around and sucker punches her dropping her to the canvas. The bosum laden red head gets up but is not happy with this cheap shot, finally she is ready but another surprise awaits her, one that has her large breasts bouncing wildly. On the canvas again Goldie is furious, she turns to the camera and tells the word what she plans for this little cuttie, and it’s all bad. First she starts with a savage body attack, gut then breasts get battered all around the ring, Goldie slams so hard she not only has Miko’s breasts bouncing but her own are vibrating. Gut, breasts, gut, breasts, now it’s time to go to the head – hard head shots have Miko realing, no matter how many times she goes down or how hard she begs, her beautiful body keeps meeting the canvas. Finally she is knocked out, finally her torment is over – nope, she awakes tied to the ropes where, you guessed it, a whole lot more destruction awaits her – destruction only the bountiful breasted red head can deliver!!!!


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