Match 1Ashley Graham is new and has a bit of a shaky start, a little wobbly on her wrestling legs. Randy Moore takes advantage of that in this best of five falls match. Oh Ashley gets her blows in but it’s almost like Randy’s letting her, later in the match Ashley really earns her stripes and she does some real hitting on Randy. Randy loves how flexible Ashley is as she bends her over in a matchbook pin, but the redhead is smart, she does what all smart newbies do, she goes right for the breasts, squeezing those luscious tits so hard she works her way into a chokehold and wins the first fall. The blonde with the perfect body is not going to take this, she not only wins the second fall, she takes off Ashley’s bottoms and loses her own, some women were born to be naked they are just very comfortable in their skin and like rolling around free of clothing – so it is with these two beauties! Naked seems to bring the best out in Ashley, yes the redhead really gets into it now as their limbs fly about the ring, they roll over each others naked bodies and fight harder — now it gets enjoyable, will it be the redhead or the blonde?

Match 2 -Butts, breasts, bear hugs, rolling and back to butts – and when we talk about butts who do we think of right away; JC Marie of course and to double the fun let’s have Erika Jordan with her – now this is a twosome you have to enjoy. They both show up naked and trash talking, who has the better stronger ass, but before they can get to that challenge they go after each others breasts, then try to squish them in a mutual bear hug, the hug breaks as the trash talking continues right into their breast bumps and rubbing,squeezing their own breasts as they rub them across each others chests. Then the naked ladies move to slammin’ booties, hard those beautiful butts pound into each other – on their feet and on their knees they squish those fabulous behinds together. The challenge not determined yet they move to tight rolling on the floor, locked in a mutual embrace, they roll as one across the floor, then it’s back to butt slammin’ as their beautiful behinds get red from the pounding, and all the time they trash talk — butts,breasts,bear hugs,rolling and back to butts!!!!!!

Match 3 -The new and improved Ultra Babe (Capri Cavanni) enters the ring in front of the ever mean, Diana Knight who informs her she destroyed the last Ultra Babe and plans on doing the same to her. Off and fighting, the big bad meanie finds this golden warrior has all the answers and is beating the crap out of her. Capri looks so sexy in her tight one piece, cape and boots and flinging the bad one around makes her feel so sexy – but wait, something happened, now Diana is in control and she works over Ultra Babe, stripping her bare except for her boots. Next we find Ultra passed out on the couch in the evil ones lair where they continue the fight naked, Capri in only her boots is stunning even while being destroyed – but wait all hope is not lost, our naked warriors have a surprise in store for us. Capri as a naked super heroine – she is definitely an ULTRA BABE !!!!!!


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