Match 1 -Here is some super, super-heroine destruction, Dark Damsel (Melissa Jacobs), challenges Night Woman (Diana Knight) to a bare knuckles brawl. Befittingly all in black, Night Woman puts up her hands for the test of strength and Damsel accommodates her, it’s a long arduous battle of power and will as they both struggle to bend the other down – finally Night Woman has her foe on her knees, she can deliver her signature blows; smashes and slaps to the face, all with that great old movie sound; a thud and smack reminiscent of the old cowboy movies. This is just the beginning of a prolonged smack down session that includes; back breaker with slugs, straddled around the ropes and slugs, striped and slugged, kicked and slugged – poor Melissa gets one super, super heroine beat down !!!!!!

Match 2Frankie Zapatelli is the guardian of the souls, her leader Prinzzess, the queen, tells her the importance of keeping them safe – safe from the evil soul stealer, Nicole Oring. Our two sexy heroins in their caped costumes discuss their plans as the evil one approaches – the guardian, Frankie, strikes her with a savage blow then head slams her to the mat but the evil one only laughs. – her destruction continues with arm bars and chokes but the evil one also comes back as she wraps her beautiful legs around the pure one, the soul taker doesn’t think she’s so pure and looks for that crack in the guardian’s pure armor. The battle rages till the guardian produces a knife, but you must be pure to wield it, trouble ensues, a soul is taken – another fight with great leg and head scissors, sexy undulating face sits and a body stretching camel clutch. Will this evil one be stopped or will she eat both souls ?!?!?!?

Match 3 -Bat Girl, Cali Logan – is back! This is a spectacular two parter, both parts are filled with fabulous action and a rollicking story. Karlie Montana and Alyssa Rees in their sexy school girl outfits are to be taught self defense by the great heroine, problem is they keep attacking her and the bat fem has a very difficult time warding them off, let alone teach them – oh is this fun watching these wild girls going after the purple one, they put her in so many fun holds and eventually shoot her with joker silly string, which has Bat Girl in a very silly state – now they really have fun torturing the poor dizzy heroine, over the ropes, tortuous holds and then… oh no, here she comes, none other than the master mind of all this evil: Harley Quinn (Kimberly Jane), pie in hand she is ready for more humiliating destruction. Soon the purple girl is stripped out of her costume and put in so many sexy bizarre holds and outfits: the ball gag, the electric swords, nipple clamps, hanging from the ceiling, and oh so much more. Both of these episodes are jam packed with entertainment that is guaranteed to satisfy – a true classic !!!!!!!


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