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Match 1Paris Kennedy and Max Mikita are wearing some sexy panty hose in this topless catfight. These girls bend each other like flesh colored pretzels. Paris’ big tits point towards the sky as the barbaric Max doglegs Paris’ lower back against the top rope. While Max does most of the damage, Paris gets in some of her own holds, including a vicious bow and arrow. If you are a fan of submission style holds, specifically stretches, then you are going to be in heaven with this doozy of a match. Max contorts Paris’ body in ways that I have never seen before. Sure, Paris will scream and plead for help, but that will only encourage Max to continue the punishment until she sees fit to end it. Torture, tits, and panty hose, how can this not be a great match!

Match 2Danielle Trixie and Cali Logan are meeting up to settle a heated argument. Both girls are dressed in white button down blouses, mini skirts, high heels, and some very sexy panty hose. The shit talking starts pretty much immediately. These two beauties spend almost the entire match with their legs intertwined and rubbing each other vigorously. The breast, butt, and leg grabbing is constant. Their hot bodies rub against each other like they are trying to start a forest fire. You better watch out, because they might just start a fire… in your pants! So make sure to be safe while you watch this dangerously hot panty hose fight featuring two of the most beautiful girls under the DT logo.

Match 3Capri Cavanni and Melissa Jacobs are two smokin’ hot brunettes who are looking for a knock down drag out catfight. These two tight bodied, big tittied goddesses are willing to give their all in order to be the champion. Their gorgeous bare tits and beautiful panty hosed legs are the stuff that dreams are made of. This makes it all the more fun when one of the ladies begins to take control of the match and lay a destruction down upon her opponent. So who will wind up motionless and defeated on the floor while the winner stands heroically, arms flexed? You will have to watch this steaming hot catfight to find out!


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