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Match 1 -Oh we love that bad little school girl, Alyssa Reese is the sexiest girl in her school outfit, that short skirt shows off her fabulous muscular legs, and oh can this little girl be mean, as Kymberly Jane is about to find out – she runs to get a jump on Alyssa only to be met with a hard foot to the gut. The destruction begins, and I mean destruction as this is a one sided beat down, Alyssa enjoys it so, she steps on her neck, drags her by the hair, rides her like a pony, bow and arrow, foot in the crotch, chokes, wedgies, face sit, waist scissors, poor Kymberly only wants the pain to stop but Alyssa refuses to stop unless kymberly does some foot kissing and even that isn’t enough to satisfy her lust for destruction!!!!

Match 2 -The belt and the title of goddess, this is what Ariel X wants, no she demands it as she talks to Gina on the phone, she becomes even more angry when she finds the belt was given to Paris Kennedy. She forces a match then in her sexy dress she gets up and heads to the ring, at the ring she finds a spunky Paris also is a sexy dress and wearing the belt – they go at each other and are soon broken up. In their corners they hear the rules which are much more complicated than usual as points are given for different things, they strip down to their sexy nylons and bras. This is one great fight with lots of kicks, holds; abdominal stretch, bow and arrow, back breakers, claws and pins, and for a real change we have Ariel getting carried over Paris’s shoulders – both these ladies are so sexy as they vie to be the goddess. It gets bloody for both of them as the attacks get savage, another in the series of these great sexy matches!!!!!!

Match 3Santana is in the middle of a hot photo shoot. She is talking some real shit about how wimpy all the new girls at DT are. Cali Logan just happens to be in the changing room and hears everything. Angrily she calls on Santana to back up her bark. Santana laces up her knee high wrestling boots and the two fighters square up to defend the name of their entire DT generation. Can the young Cali prove that she has what it takes to defeat the legendary Santana in a 10 count pin fall match? This is not only a great fight, it could be a changing of the guard moment for the DT universe. I can’t tell you who wins, but I can tell you that whoever loses will endure a heaping dose of torture and humiliation to end the match.


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