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Match 1Alyssa Reece and Capri Cavanni are two beautiful brunettes. They each have gorgeous faces, powerful butts, and a killer instinct. Only one girl can win this match though, and she will win it with flying colors. She will choke, torment, and squeeze the hell out of her beleaguered and feisty opponent. This domination match is great because the loser is so convincing. She squeals and cries for help, while still putting up with insane amounts of pain, all in the name of pride. This choking domination match is a must have for any fan of choke holds or destruction matches.

Match 2Cali Logan is back in L.A. visiting from the east coast. She and Sinn Sage (a native Californian) are stretching next to each other in the DT ring. They quickly begin their shit talking “West Coast has tougher girls” “No, East Coast has tougher girls”, which quickly leads to a full on battle. This submission match is for all the marbles. It will define which coast is the true female fighting powerhouse, and neither girl is willing to let down her hometown. Expect a classic catfight with lots of submission holds like: figure four leg lock, body scissors, and bow and arrows. This is a great fight with very high stakes.

Match 3Ashley Grace and Star 9 are opposites in almost every way. Ashley is a beautiful and curvy brunette with a dry sense of humor and a raspy voice. She is methodical and cold in her fighting. Star is a cute and petite blonde with short hair, a high voice, and boundless energy. She is more of a volume fighter, wild and fast. These girls really take it to each other in this fight. The gut shots are air depriving, the fish hooks are lip splitting, and the body scissors are rib shattering. This fight is awesomely intense. Enjoy the mounds of pain and bad blood built up all for your enjoyment!


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