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Match 1 -Hera (Ammo) summons Princess Diana of Thermystca (Hollywood) to The Ring of Judgment for the crime of excess hubris. Princess must suffer the ritual purification of pain. Hera orders Princess Diana to transform into her princess attire. Hera dominates the Princess by thrusting her into the turnbuckles again and again. Hera body slams Diana, then puts her in a killer over the shoulder back breaker. As Diana rises Hera punches, kicks and then squeezes the hubris out of her with a head lock. Hera locks Diana in a body scissors then twists her barely moving body with another leg lock, then to the corner where she turns her upside-down and rains down punches on Hollywood’s vulnerable gut. Chokes, rope work, bow and arrow, corner destruction and so much more – how can any princess take all of this? A topless Hollwood is choked and squeezed then kicked awake before she is tied and bound . Can Diana complete the purification of pain ritual ? How many punches can Hera mead out ? Who’s hubris will be defeated ?!?!?!?

Match 2Melissa Jacobs (soul protector) and Paris Kennedy (golden protector) show no fear as they face the fearsome soul stealing Max Mikita. Hair pulling , punching, kicking and leg locks keep Max Mikita down, it takes two of them but together they are able to keep the mighty Max in check. Melissa punches Max while Paris has her in a headlock, Max battles back as she subdues Melissa by sitting on her and pulling her hair. Paris hits the soul stealer with a viscous kick to the back which stuns Max. The beautiful Asian strips the top off Melissa as Melissa shouts ” show no fear ” Paris helps Melissa flip Max Mikita into submission. The stealer smashes the pair’s heads together to gain the fearless position and dominate the ring. As Paris chokes Max, Melissa demands that Max Mikita give up but the mighty Max has just begun – one leaves and she sees a crack in the others armor, fear is seeping out and she takes advantage – one soul is taken. But another remains, has she lost too much power to over come and steal the second soul, Melissa brings in the chains and they are put to good use as the battle rages on !!!!!

Match 3Capri Cavanni (Wonder Girl) and Hollywood (Wonder Woman) have split up to capture the wily Elwood, master criminal. Elwood twists Hollywood’s arms and chokes her as Hollywood struggles to free herself. She does scratching Elwood’s bald head. Punches galore! A long hard battle, then a shot to the crotch and Hollywood angers Elwood till he gets out his trustee ASHIMD ( anti-super heroin mobilization device) weapon Elwood paralysis the Wonder. With W.W. as bait Elwood springs the trap and captures Wonder Girl. Elwood tries to over power W.G. by choking her while pinning her arms. Elwood lifts Wonder Girl off the floor and slams her down, she tries to overpower Elwood with a leg hold, but Elwood finds a way to freeze them both and ties them up. Elwood leaves to commit another crime when he drops his power weapon within Hollywood and Capri’s reach. They pummel Elwood on the bed. But Elwood escapes. More chases, more battles, more gags, more secret weapons and all with those familiar sounds, hits, and graphics from that old familiar bat show – it brings back lots of great old memories – just great fun with beautiful super damsels and evil villains – gotta love it !!!!


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