Match 1Karlie Montana and Samantha Ryan are fierce and feisty. Prior to the fight they stretch in their corners while talking smack. The fight begins and they feverishly enter a test of strength. These topless terrors proceed to choke each other in multiple ways including: head scissors, face sits, sleeper holds, reverse head scissors, and head locks. Eventually, one girl will succumb to the massive amount of oxygen deprivation dealt out in this match. She will pass out, mouth ajar, with her opponent’s foot planted firmly on her crotch. Who will it be? The only way to find out is to watch this awesome, choking centered catfight.

Match 2Cali Logan and Erika J. are definitely two of the hottest bodies in the DT universe. This is more of a slow, methodical, and cruel catfight. The girls don’t do much yelling or talking as they are too busy trying to inflict harm on their opponent. The holds are slow, tedious, and powerful. One quickly gets the feeling that these girls have a genuine dislike for one another. By the end of this hard fought struggle, both girls are exhausted, their breasts heave as they quietly pant for air. The winner of this match chokes her opponent out using the loser’s very own arms. The unfortunate loser is left tits up, showing her gorgeous rack to the whole world as they slowly stop their up and down movement.

Match 3Sinn Sage and Randy Moore are some very naughty girls and today they are getting down in a good old fashioned catfight. This blonde and brunette duo are going at it full force, all for your viewing pleasure. These incredibly strong and well sculpted women are spanking, choking, stretching, and bludgeoning their pretty bodies all for the glory of being a DT champion. Usually our fighters are noble warriors with honor and a code that they follow, but Sinn and Randy are bruisers, cheaters, low blow specialists, and survivors. They fight mean and dirty, but damn it’s fun to watch.


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