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Match 1 -Have you met Raven Rockette yet, well it’s about time you do because she is one special newbie and now you get to see her with the one and only, Skylar Rene. The muscular one is topless and practicing her posing, her body never looked so good as she flexes her muscles in her leopard bottoms. Raven enters topless and finds out Skylar is practicing so she can pose over her when she beats her – Raven is pissed and we have a fight. A super test of strength finds Skylar in control and she is soon placing her beautiful butt on Raven’s sweet face, then to a massive bear hug and it all looks pretty bleak for Raven but then they go to a mutual breast gouge and while their fabulous natural breasts can really take it Raven gets control – we have a fight now! It becomes a back and forth battle where both beauties put on some amazing holds: both use their shapely legs to squeeze heads while going for the crotch, off the ground they lift each other into severe back stretches, over the shoulder back breaker, grape vine, duel body scissors and so many more fabulous holds. You know how special Skylar is but now you can also see how incredible this new wild vixen Raven is because this is one hell of a great fight !!!!!

Match 2 -Nicole Oring and her opponent Christie Stevens are wearing nothing but thongs. The topless fighters begin with a leg wrestling match. Their long and shapely legs point toward the sky before wrapping around each other and yanking. Then the real fighting starts. Nicole and Christie body slam and airplane spin each other until they are bruised and broken. The match is a best 3 out of 5 pins wins. Both fighters are tough and can’t stand to lose. Once they have softened up their opponent they will press their large tits against the other girl’s and pin her down for a contested 10 count. Their full breasts squeezed together by the weight of their bodies is quite a beautiful site. Sit back and enjoy the sounds of Nicole and Christie’s muffled grunts as they take part in one of the greatest fights of their career. You are sure to love watching this gorgeous Asian and lovely blonde pin one another to the mat over and over again.

Match 3 -Cherie Deville is taking on Puma today. She is quite confident in her ability to defeat the colossal Puma. She even goes so far as to say that she “won’t need to stretch before the match.” Puma enters the ring with a partner in tow. Diana Knight trails the furry fury that is Puma. Diana has a great big smile on her face before she and Puma attack and manhandle Cherie. While Puma wrenches Cherie’s slight body, Diana fondles Cherie’s tender crotch. The large, woolly, masked fighter lifts his crying victim in the air countless times. Each time, the whimpering blonde Cherie comes crashing down on the mat or Puma’s knee. Diana and Puma delight in pleasuring Cherie while beating her. She becomes confused, being alternately teased, hit, kissed, and body slammed. Towards the end of the fight it seems as though Cherie begins to even enjoy her tormentor’s attention. You are sure to love this demented and sexy match.


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