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Match 1Vanessa Harding is seething, because she hasn’t been around they are forcing her to vacate her title – someone has to pay for this, it may as well be her next ring opponent, only it’s not one but two ladies. Karlie Montana and Capri Cavanni are topless and oh so gorgeous in their little bottoms, they talk about what they’re going to do with the money from this match, they find out who they are fighting when the angry one enters – they have heard of this Vanessa chick and non of it was good. Just as the fear is sinking in she attacks with a double clothes line, venting her rage she body slams then pile-drives poor Karlie, then turns her wrath on Capri who also gets the savage body slam and pile driver. This is just the fist minute, so much more destruction awaits our young lasses, the whole match is destruction. Sometimes she concentrates on one and other times she does them both together, like with the double headed camel clutch, two at once leg drops, or the double pins. This is Vanessa at her raging best, she even gets so wound up she lets her own breasts out for some play time – the over the shoulder back breakers lets us know the girls are ready to stick the fork in, when she stretches their sleek young figures over her shoulders, wow, a thing of beauty !!!!

Match 2Tylene Buck wears the championship belt and Diana Knight wants it – so here we are in the ring to see who leaves with it. This will be a one fall match, no holds barred five count pin to win, no submissions, must be a pin, the girls agree but just as the bell rings Tylene gets the jump on Diana and traps her in the corner for some real pounding, hard slugs to the gut, then savage kicks have poor Diana folded over but Tylene just throws her to another corner where she continues with body splashes and shoulder thrusts – then to the mat for more destruction. On all fours Diana seems beaten, but what’s this – the tables turn. Now the destroyed becomes the destroyer and oh does she relish her destruction. She rips Tylene’s top off and uses it to choke her but not a normal choke, no she has to bend her over the top rope so she can attack her entire body, and not just a bear hug but one that leaves her ribs crushed, not just breast gouging but bites to those tender nipples – yes every hold, every punch and every bite are done for maximum pain – revenge is so sweet !!!!!

Match 3 -We start out with Ivy Sloan telling us how tough these west coast girls are, next we find her in the ring with a robe over her face – Frankie Zapatelli walks around her wondering what’s going on when someone hands her a note from Sandy White, Ivy was left there by Sandy and this infuriates the big Z. Frankie decides to show Sandy what real destruction is, she stomps on poor Ivy to wake her up and once awake she begins her destruction. To the corner she throws her and commences an assualt on her young flesh; chest slaps, knees to the gut, then she throws her out of the ring and chokes her back in. It’s suplexes, body slams and tombstone pile-drives that leave her body twitching. Beautiful Frankie is out to send a message – no one can destroy better than her. Holds and throws that soon have the sweet little blonde a rag doll, and this doll gets played with to the fullest – Frankie is out to prove a point, and poor Ivy gets the point — she gets all of the points !!!!!!!


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