Match 1 -There is nothing quite like a panty hose match. Two beautiful girls rolling around on the floor, rubbing their smooth hose covered legs against each other, that’s about as hot as it gets. Luckily today we get to see Randy Moore and Jamie Lynn do exactly that. These big breasted beauties rip their white blouses open, hike up their mini skirts, and get down to business. Each girl digs her long perfect nails into the other’s breasts as their legs and groins grind against each other in quite an erotic motion. These girls are perfect for this match. They have big breasts, perfect legs and ass, and really enjoy the sport of panty hose fighting.

Match 2 -This is the best kind of panty hose match. Both girls start the match wearing nothing but panty hose. The bell rings and the buxom Christina Carter goes charging at the petite Melissa Jacobs. These two beauties battle at a frenzied pace, choking and stretching each other in quick secession. This allows their wonderful tits to dance and swing in a natural and mesmerizing manner. The lovely panty hosed legs, butt, and crotch are featured, so you can expect to see lots of crotch destruction and leg scissors. If panty hose are a trigger for you then hold on tight, because you’re going to be shooting all over the place.

Match 3 -his panty hose match begins with Diana Knight and Danielle Trixie getting in each other’s face while wearing high heels and business clothes. What’s great about this match is that both girls do tons of shit talking and moaning while fighting. So not only do we get to watch Dianna grind her hose clad legs against Danielle’s, but we get to hear Diana describe to Danielle what she’s doing. There is also a ton of breast mauling in this fight. Expect Danielle and Diana’s breasts to play pin cushion to the nails of their opponent. This match has it all: a blonde, a brunette, tits, legs, and of course, lots of panty hose!


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