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Match 1 -The same size, the same spunk, and both drop dead gorgeous: Erika Jordan and Alix Lynx – the blonde vs the brunette. When these two have a lady like catfight it’s anything but lady like, in their short skirts, super high heels and of course nylons they battle to the finish. In the first couple minutes they rip those tops off so they can begin molesting those inviting melons. Hair pulling, breast mauling and cat balling make up the majority of their constant action. These two put on quite the show, both are super spunky and when they sink those red nails into that breast flesh you can feel the pain, on the couch when those short skirts ride up over their amazing firm butts it’s a site to behold and then it’s roll baby roll as on the ground their sleek legs intertwine while their hands sink into those long manes, they catball while trying to rip their hair out by the roots. From behind one then the other squishes and gouges those soft tits. So wonderful when they lie on top of each other and their breasts squish together as the blonde and brunette hair mingles, then back to the constant action as each beauty strives for victory – got to love these two!!!

Match 2 -Are you ready, can you handle it – can you handle four hot topless babes battling at once! Christy Stevens and Nikki Delano take on Akira Lane and Miko Sinz, that’s right the blondes vs. the brunettes. A wild and woolly tag match with Miko and Christy the first to do battle, their tops are soon ripped off and after a little cheating Nikki and Akira are tagged in and we are off to one hell of great tag match that has everything one would want, from one on one, two on one, two on two but always with constant wild and wonderful action. And let me tell you some of the holds these ladies come up with are amazing: Akira has Nikki face down and wraps her legs around her waist as she wraps her arms around her head she chokes and squeezes while Nikki’s butt flexes for beauty, or when the blondes have dual gut scissors on the brunettes and work over their breasts, or when one brunette has Christie in a dragon sleeper while the other one claws her vulnerable belly. So much action from these topless warriors you will need a score card to keep up and just when you think it’s over – it’s not. The contrast is so wonderful because the blondes aren’t just blonde but have that milky white skin and the brunettes have those tan brown bodies, makes for a fabulous look – so are you ready – can you handle it???

Match 3 -Idelsy Love is lounging on the couch in her black lingerie. Christie Stevens storms into the room wearing an equally scandalous set of white lingerie. Christie asks Idelsy if she has taken her boyfriend. With a mischievous smile, Idelsy admits that she has Christie’s boyfriend. She continues, saying that Christie might be the next one that Idelsy puts under her spell. The women remove their bras so that both of them are wearing thigh high stockings, garter belts, thongs, and high heels. At first, Idelsy seems to be having an easy time with the pig tailed blonde in front of her. However, Christie rises from a cold-blooded knock out like a phoenix from the ashes. Christie is going to fight for her man no matter what it takes. This even includes attaching each other’s garter belts together so that neither girl can get away. This match is a glorious tit fight between a blonde bombshell and the sultry brunette.


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