Match 1Nikki Lee Young in her sexy short business outfit is about to fire Kymberly Jane who enters in her super sexy red dress. They get into it at the office and decide to take it to the ring where they take off their heels and dresses and get into a down and dirty cat fight. If you know these two, you know what fiery fems they are, yes this is a spicy one as these girls fight as well as they talk an oh boy can they talk! Kym starts out topless while Nikki keeps her lacy bra on for awhile but eventually gets it ripped off. These wild ones kick, slug and use holds, it gets a bit bloody but always sexy as the blond and the redhead are doing whatever it takes to get her foe to kiss her beautiful ass. And when they plant those beautiful butts on faces they really plant them. These are really wild women, so hold on and enjoy !!!!

Match 2 -Oh boy, here it comes, four, that’s right four hot hot babes going at it – all in one room: Tylene Buck, Diana Knight, Paris Kennedy and Akira Lane dressed in short skirts, heels and blouses. Akira and Paris are the veterans of the company and Tylene and Diana are temps doing all the work, this causes tension that soon turns into a full on fight. They pair off, Tylene takes on Paris and Diana goes after Akira, they are all pulling hair as they circle in their short skirts with their beautiful butt cheeks spilling out under those skirts. Lots of wild hair ripping that has them throwing each other all around the room and finally ending up on the floor where we get two fabulous leg scissors then head scissors and always going after those vulnerable breasts, four girls all going for blood. The tops come off and now it’s all about getting that breast flesh, eight breasts all getting squeezed, gouged, pinched and battered. Wow, four girls, eight breasts and all in one wild, wild episode !!!!

Match 3 -Have you seen Tanya Tate’s beautiful breasts, well if you haven’t then you are in for a real treat, this sexy short dress she has on is so sexy, almost as sexy as the gold skimpy bikini worn by JC, yes these two hot blondes start out this wild cat fight in two amazingly sexy outfits and little by little they come off as these two blondes use their busty curvy bodies to to demolish each other, and when I say busty curvy I mean BUSTY CURVY! So sexy watching Tanya go for JC’s crotch as they stand, we look up as their golden locks fly across their beautiful faces, then to the floor for some savage leg scissors and more opportunity for breast destruction. But now for the coup de gras, you want to see a real cat fight – here it is; cat ears and claws, the whole works, and these are some heavy duty claws, metal and sharp they dig into the soft flesh as slowly they rake across the milky white skin; up the legs over that beautiful butt, around the neck, into those soft breasts and then it gets even worse as the collar and chains are…. !!!!!!


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